Solutions to Police Brutality; Racism and Oppression

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Police are civilians who have been required to be qualified, educated and encouraged to uphold the law through contractual agreement with their authorities. They are simply citizens who have changed their previous social contract to include new duties, responsibilities and authority. An officer has no right to break the law. It would be a breach of the oath which is actually a violation of the social contract.

African Americans don’t talk about police brutality because they're afraid that will bring back times of racism and oppression. Blacks is most often impacted by police brutality than other races. Police Departments don’t spend much money on schools because they have to put money to cases. Officers are 2.5 times more likely to shoot an unarmed African American than any other race. Police brutality affects the mental health of African Americans, including those who have no connection to the victims other than same race.

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Police brutality can occur for several reasons, but the most not unusual motive of excessive pressure results from the officer's psychological state, or when the police officer's perception of a scenario influences how she or he reacts. One such scenario is when the officer feels disrespected. Some officers will act out in opposition to the disrespectful person even though it is not the legal or ethical thing to do. They may try this either to punish the man or woman for disrespecting them or to intimidate another human.

Oakland had to make budget cuts to fund police stations which causes schools in the area to not have good after school activities and educational environment. As little training as officers get these days whilst it comes to use of force, they get even less training with regards to managing teens. Most police officers are not trained to deal with trauma while on duty and that puts the public at risk. Every police department should be managed by clear, consistent standards developed by experts and other experts met by state. These standards should be brought across to every officer, supported by training, and used as the basis for discipline and evaluations.

To be honest, the end of police brutality won’t happen. It can be reduced with more training on how to deal with mental health problems like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Governments should put more money into more body cams or non lethal weaponry and really make a solutions to police brutality. Officers who commits a crime within police brutality shouldn’t be just terminated from their job in law enforcement; they should be held accountable for their actions like citizens do.

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