Solutions to Protect Cities from Pollution

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Environmental pollution could be one of the greatest challenges that most of the countries facing especially the developing countries. Malaysia is known as a developing country where rapid transformation takes place in the various form. As a result, we could see that people often neglect the causes of their action in coming days. Environmental pollution is one of the famous topics that is being discussed from the young to the older generation. Environmental pollution is famous among the cities where we often see buildings instead of trees. From my point of view, urbanization could be the main reason why cities are more polluted compared to the village. In this essay, I have highlighted the causes of pollution and solution to save our country for our upcoming generation.

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Urbanization could be the main reason on why pollution in cities is more compared to the rural areas. The exhaust fumes of vehicles have harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfur monoxide .etc. As we know these chemicals can be detrimental to the human body and we also should beware that the larger amount of vehicles that have been used in cities not forgetting the vehicles that is used in the construction area. In cities even to go to the nearest shop we use vehicles; it is very rare to see someone walking in streets. In addition, as we see the number of buildings increase we should also beware of the harmful gassing from the paint, plastic production and the heavy machines that is used.

From my point of view, I would like to suggest that we should encourage the public to use carpooling or public transportation. As a result of this action we could reduce the amount of the traffic and also can reduce the exhaust fumes from vehicle. Besides that every construction or project manager should take note on the product that is being used whether it is safe or note.

Uncontrolled industrial wastage and illegal dumping is the main reason of water pollution. Water is one of the basic needs in human life but its cleanliness always being neglected. The growth of country doesn’t depend on how we produce certain produce but it also depends on how we handle the wastage that is produce throughout the process of making.

As a responsible citizen we have to emphasis on clean energy resources. Every industry that produces waste should make sure that their wastage doesn’t affect the environment. The government also plays an important role on monitoring the how the industrial wastage is released into the lake or sea.

In this modern era there are many types of pollution where we are not aware of it. For example noise pollution, most of us thinks that noise doesn’t kill us so it’s okay. Do we realize the reason on why is it so peaceful when we visit our hometown in rural areas, most of us don’t. Growing up in cities we are used to the construction or the demolition noise around us without knowing that exposure to prolonged or excessive noise can lead us to the serious health conditions. There is difference between sound and noise, for example noise can lead us to stress but sound can help us to reduce the stress.

Although we can’t stop the construction of demolition activities in cities we can find solution to overcome these by reduce hearing it for some time. For example when we resting in our house where there soundproof can help us to avoid hearing the noise form outside. Besides that the government should avoid approving the industrial buildings near housing areas.

To conclude the research I would like to press on the solution has to be taken seriously in order to save our Earth from getting more polluted as the day pass by. As a result of my research I could conclude that the cities are more polluted due to urbanization. Even though cities are more convenient for us but it's not worth to risk your life. As a citizen of Malaysia we should hold hands in protecting our country.

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