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Solutions to the influence of social media on political verdicts in the united states

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Social Media is a way for common members of today’s society to become updated or to simply take a break from their already hectic life. Users of social media are continuously exposed to a variety of content ranging from viral videos to memes, pictures that come with an amusing and witty caption, to 140-character long tweets. However, these videos and memes are not simply trying to make the viewer laugh. The owner of these accounts may have the underlying intention to influence viewers to choose a certain side of political and social movements. But what is the result?

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According to a study by Dr. Ayesha Farooq Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Government, the answer may be possible violent uprisings due to drastic differences in political views that have been influenced by social media in some form. Along with this comes the different outcomes of poll verdicts that get more arduous to estimate because of the shifting view of the mass media. The problem is that some of the news put into the world may be false, yet it still has the power to change the lives of many citizens of the United States of America. Thanks to policies enacted by government officials who are constantly campaigning through these apps, social media influences the minds of many and changes the final verdict that may happen to this nation. For the mass social media to be influenced, politicians must influence. As discussed by Michael Serazio credibility + year campaign managers follow through with this incentive.

Campaign managers tend to have a very tight budget; because of this, they are limited to finding ways to capturing their audience in a short amount of time. . . and most if not all managers stretch or twist the truth to their point of view. As Serazio year states “ we find that one major limitation in producing compelling narratives and recontextualizing politics more pleasurably is the financial resources required to achieve popular culture parity”page. However, Auter (year) says that social media campaigning is cheap, requiring only the set up and maintenance of a (Free) account. As people become more aware of the promoted individual,they seem to become more interested in the candidate’s actions and policies. . It is no longer only the news channel that talks about the campaigns of each candidate; citizens are now connected in this hybrid media where they are exposed to media brought to them by the news, opinions of the elite public, and opinions of masses. This shows an increased interaction between media industries and audiences. Adding to the confusion is the constant change of candidates who try to please the elite by proposing enticing ideas that align with their [the elite] beliefs (Hinch year). This causes frequent shifts of a voter’s opinion making it hard to predict the final outcome of policies that might be changed by the newly elected. Negative campaigning, another type of political campaigning, involves the “Calling out” of the opponent and making them look inferior. John Jeffries credibility statement ? says that much of this type of campaigning has been out since elections become a concept. However, he hasn’t seen anything like in today’s public where masses of social media users constantly talk about real issues, focus on what they deem right or wrong, and what they deem as the truth. According to Professor Allcott of NYU, 62% of adults receive most of their news from social media. Along with this, 14% of News headlines tend to be false source?

Even though an individual may be up to date on current events, some cannot differentiate between satire and real stories that have the power to completely change one’s ingrained morals. This happens all too often according to Jeffries need year & credibility statement would be nice. This misinterpretation sets off a chain reaction. All of the aforementioned issues begin the negative effects that come from many citizens being exposed to deceitful news which originates from Negative Campaigning. But one author (Hinch) year? Who wrote a peer-reviewed journal says that news, although distorted, should be relatively simple to interpret the truth from because social media is at people’s fingertips; they can easily do their own research to determine what is true and what is not. Nevertheless, countering this idea is Pich year and credibility, who says that most news sources have been politically branded and when they seem to have the approval tend to have the intended effect on the public. Maybe elaborate on this? The simplest way to minimize this onslaught of “fake news” is to create websites that determine if posts are more biased or factual, giving viewers a more mature understanding of what they are dealing with and reducing possible bias. if voters have doubts about a certain candidate, a safe site should be made that helps them decide who to vote for. In addition, if posts are tagged as political, viewers will know that what they are looking at has more of a purpose than to amuse users. An already ongoing solution of this is the e-government citations please. This site creates a space for citizens to vote online, talk about their personal views, and check their facts about certain news articles and campaign ads. However, these solutions come with some limitations.

Even though there will be multiple sites to cross check such data, posts that are made on apps themselves cannot be monitored. Indifferent citizens are not likely to fact check of their own volition. Posters of political content could also refuse to tag themselves to reach a wider audience.

All in all, these solutions can guarantee political view changes to be kept at a minimum. With a few small changes from social media companies, these “smear campaigns” can come to an end. Political content can be very influential and it has the strength to bring down one candidate while making another look superior at the same time. Candidates will try to make viewers happy and promise whatever the public wants without consequence because of their ability to communicate freely with no news mediator in between. However, the solutions explained in this paper minimize political influence and future political risk that can change the lives of many citizens. to change.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?