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Knowing the market capitalization of the coin you are playing big or small, how much money can you afford x2 value, know the amount of Coin issued, the amount of Coin is limited or not. For more information, please refer to coinmarketcap. com. The market capitalization of the market was about $ 20 billion a year ago and now stands at $ 800 billion, meaning that the market is on average 40 times over the past year. For example, Bitcoin is currently priced at $ 15,000, capitalized at $ 250 billion, Coin availability is $ 16. 7 million, and Coin is $ 21 million. To get Bitcoin up to $ 30,000, the injected amount needs to add $ 250 billion more. ETH priced at $ 1,200, capitalized at $ 117, current Coin value at $ 96. 8 million and no limit to the amount. These are the top coin so the high capitalization x2 x5 x10 is much lower than the Coin grasshopper capitalization only a few million dollars. Hopefully you will be able to experience something.


No need to study technical analysis, if you like, learn fun, because it does not mean much to this market. PTKT applies only to stable markets such as stocks (the maximum daily trading range is about 7%), or FOREX. And the Cryptocurrency market is a big market, you can x2 accounts after a day and also lose half an asset after an hour, then ask for ptkt. Just know the volume of sales, know the wall and support walls, read the meaning of the candle green candle, know about BB, RSI… is enough. No need to skimp on brain damage patterns.

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News is very important factors, great influence on market psychology, know the good news, will quickly help you a lot such as news about Burn Coin, Segwit, HF, USDT printing…


Once upon a time, ICO’s tradition of making the market fizzle, silent for a time with countless ICO mushroom growth but profit brought back insignificant ICO MLM Lending to create a new wind. In essence, when participating in traditional ICO or ICO Lending, the money is no longer in your wallet, so be ready for the psychology of accepting losses. If you follow me or have a conversation with me, then know the point of playing ICO Lending will never Lending, only hunt and sell black market or Hold Coin and then sell because of its liquidity and secure withdrawals. It’s faster to bring money to Lending. At present, trend of Token of the floor such as BNB, KCS, BIX, COSS.. With trends like this, it is best to brush up quickly. To long-term hiring must withdraw and preserve the capital invested. Remember that only true Trader can go long in the market, it is the work of buying Coins on the floor, similar to playing Securities, not other types.


Where money is going, money is being pumped into Coin Top or Coin Garbage to enter, on a reasonable order. Knowing the current trend, there will be at BTC Altcoin reduction, BTC to Altcoin up and BTC reduce Altcoin decrease. Normally, when the Sideway Sideway or increase at a negligible speed, Altcoin will have the opportunity to explode. When the BTC increase or decrease suddenly, the market will bleed, especially when the BTC is reduced, it is very easy to break the weak heart component out of the game. Be greedy when others fear, the red floor is the opportunity. And you always remember that BTC increased sharply, it must be reduced sharply and vice versa, in the long run I always believe that BTC will always have good price.


Absolutely not to put a hand on a certain contract, must control his psychology. Just one click can also cause you to lose assets by ten million, hundred million. So you have to master the emotions, avoid FOMO. “When fishing at the bottom, it should be divided into several orders because no one knows exactly where the bottom is, similarly for selling peaks. “


Not cut losses, Holder brings more profit than Trader. This is true for the market in more than a year, you can loss BTC but converted to VND or USDT will be different. For example, the Civic bought the ICO for $ 0. 1 then the BTC price was $ 3800, and then bought it for $ 0. 3, now priced at $ 12,000 BTC and now the CVC is $ 1. 1 $ 7200.


Be responsible for your money, select news and have a personal opinion of buy signals are shared in Group Telegram, Facebook, Twitter…. Do not blindly hit your head on the signal to trap the pump from the market.


Whether BTC increase or BTC decrease, do not be afraid, the key is you always have BTC to catch or to somehow increase the number of BT.


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