Some Facts About Corbett Tigers


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A research has shown that the Corbett tiger number in the world has about 1,227-1,785 individuals, however it is likely to be the half of them still remains in nature. The number of Corbett tiger mainly distribute in Malaysia, where hunting wild animal is illegal and prohibited, but the extreme risk due to ecological discontinuity (isolation) continuously decrease the tiger populations.

Corbett tiger has been listed as an endangered species in the IUCN Red List since 2008, when the number was severely reduced and reached the critical level. In 2011, the number is believed to be 342 individuals. The largest population on the Indochinese peninsula living in Thailand is estimated at 189 to 252 individuals. There are 85 individuals in Myanmar, and only 20 Corbett tigers are still in Vietnam. It is considered extinct in Cambodia.</li><li>The main threat to the Corbett tiger is human. Corbett tiger hunters use their body to make parts for jewelry and various oriental medicine. The Corbett tiger is also facing a loss of habitat. People are encroaching on their natural habitat, developing, fragmentation and destroying land.

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In Vietnam, almost ¾ of the killed tigers are a source of some medicinal herbs for traditional medicine such as tiger bones. From 2005 to 2010, there were 105 violations of tiger conservation laws, including a live tiger, 17 frozen tigers, the rest were bone and other parts.

At the end of 2010, the ENV in Hanoi estimated that the number of tigers in Vietnam has dropped to less than 30. By 2016, the number of Vietnamese Corbett tigers is only 5 individuals in nature. According to the statistics of ENV (Education for Nature – Viet Nam) by the end of 2014, there were only 174 tiger individuals kept in reserves and zoos and rescue centers throughout Vietnam.

According to ENV statistics data in 2017, the center recorded 218 tiger-related violations, of which 92 cases of advertising and trading, mainly on the internet, 13 cases of smuggling and storing tigers related parts and products from it.

The value of the tiger corpse is determined to be 91 million VND, based on the cost of the tiger and the price of other types of bone in the market such as chamois bones, deer antlers, other ingredients and costs. In reality, the total cost is nearly VND 126 million, the price is more than VND 4.1 million / 100 grams determined by Traditional Medicine Hospital of Thanh Hoa province.

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