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Some Fashion Houses Which Use Different Way Of Hybridization

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Hybridization is the process of combining two more different varieties of a certain thing to create hybrid. The hybridization is everywhere; we meet it constantly. In this essay we will see positive sides and negative sides of hybridization. I’m going to compare hybridization in fashion industry. This essay will focus on six different fashion examples and some fashion houses which use different way of hybridization.

The first brand is “DSQUARED2”. I chose this brand, because they combined two different cultures to make their collections. They use for inspiration cowboys and native American (Indians). Also they make cowboy boot-detail, western jackets, lasso pony knits, kicky beaded pants and jeans, and silhouette forms with native American details. Another example for hybridization is Japanese flavor and the Scottish skirt.

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To the epic chorales of Akira, the models emerged through a bamboo forest in hybrid clothes that grafted bomber sleeves onto tailored torso onto half-kilt-pleated skirts.

For example, they used samurai print and collage of “AKIRA” they put it on Scottish skirts. Also they choose oversize jeans “WORKWEAR” with Japanese graphic shapes and prints. Even they use pleat to invent a new hybrid print between Scottish print and Japanese print. Also they used for main inspiration the German military uniform with Rococo details and embroidery they combined plants, trousers and suits with denim details. In fact, they used for embroidery Canadian flag, the models walked with military green jackets and plants with denim and scarf fabric (Scotland). On their heads the models were worn hats with Canadian flag with Scottish print and fur. Some of jeans had a fur on the pockets and in the back there was a military element at the bottom of these jeans had Scottish extensions and elements.

On the second place I chose “VERSACE”. Versace has a hybridization on their style and philosophy they said “Wives wear Armani, lovers wear and prefer Versace”, this is a paradox. Because they make revealed clothes with catholic culture details and symbols, some in metal mesh that recalled medieval sculptures or religious mosaics for example they put Christian crucifix on really skimpy dress. Versace always uses different culture details in fact on their last collection they took the Scottish print and details and put them on classical Italian silhouette. They also used Baroque details with black leather and Scottish print colors.

“GIVENCHY” is another good example for culture hybridization and their Haute couture collection in 2011. For this collection Riccardo Tisci was inspired by Kazuo Ohno (dancer). And this collection was tribute for K. Ohno. Also this collection includes a lot of hybrid details for example R.Tisci used a classic French with Japanese graphic shapes and details. We can see on the pictures he made really romantic dresses and he has put samurai hats on the models.

A cultural hybrid uses also John Galliano on his collection in 2009. He used for main inspiration Bulgarian national costume, Russian national costume and Chinese silhouette forms. “John Galliano struck out on his own into the frozen wastes of Russian-Balkan folklore for Fall”. He has taken from Bulgarian costume only colors and some typical details such as the embroidery of the rose and figures. From Russian costume he used the specific blue, black and grey also some specific graphic shapes in real national costume their function is like a belt but he used them for jewelers for example like necklaces, earrings and the rest of it (and so on). He has used only part of Japanese silhouette only sleeves and the length.

I personally think that the hybridization is good idea. I mean if you want to combine some culture details or silhouette forms or traditional embroidery that would help you to create something new. For me to mix some opposite or different things there could be happy end. I really thing that everyone uses hybrid form on one way or another but u do not realize it. In fashion industry each brand made hybrid collections they mixed cultures, subcultures, colors and find out new look. I use hybridization in my own sketches for example I used classical Italian silhouette I changed the fabrics I put spikes and a leather jacket and why you see this sketch you will say “nice style” or something like that. Personally for me hybridization means style. Because every day when we dress up we can again use hybridization because we can combine two different subcultures or two different opposite things like native American shoes with leathers jackets with fringe. Also hybridization is creative thinking to create something new from two created things it’s not easy you have to think creatively not everyone can. But if you do not have new creative idea just start to watch something ready to wear or some old collections.


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