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Some Like It Hot: a Movie Analysis

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Some Like It Hot

Have people ever thought or talked about the movies made over forty years ago? Yes. One of them is “Some Like It Hot,” the movie that was made in 1959 by MGM, a black and white movie that leave audiences much feeling.

The film has aged but it is still very fresh and more alive than most comedies today. I know a lot of people (usually of the younger persuasion) today hate watching old films, for example, Some Like It Hot because of stupid reasons such as the black & white cinematography, the music and the worst of all – no special effects or action. Of course, how can we find special effects in a 1959s movie? However, I am sure, Some Like It Hot will hold anyone’s attention (even the shortest of attention spans) and keep them laughing and give them a new appreciation for the classics.

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Back to the film, Some Like It Hot was directed by the cinematic Billy Wilder and had one of the most memorable casts of any movie ever. It starred Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as two musicians who survive after witnessing a mob hit. They find themselves are both on the run from the bad people. As a solution to problems, they dress up as women work with an all-girl band that has a gig scheduled at a Florida resort. They become “Josephine” and “Daphne.” In addition to hiding, each has his own problems; one falls for another band member but can not tell her his gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take “No,” for an answer.

I enjoyed all of the performances that solid throughout this movie, Curtis and Lemmon are wonderful, too, but Brown (the rich man who loves Daphne) steals the movie with his classic last line. The film contains plenty of hilarious moments and I found it funnier than most modern comedies. Some Like It Hot is not a movie to be missed.

Performances are just plain perfect by all and (like I said) especially by Jack Lemmon whose reaction to everything is golden. He exaggerates the laugh on his face just a little bit and we laugh even harder. The film world lost something very valuable when he passed on. Tony Curtis is also brilliantly hilarious who gets to imitate Cary Grant in an all too easy rich boy attempt to hook in Sugar, a cast that was played well by Marilyn Monroe. Their (Monroe, Lemmon, and Tony) action could be a good lesson for modern cross-dressing comedies. Both Curtis and Lemmon are excellent in the film and their constant struggles and arguments drive the movie’s humor. Their situation is the most humorous, though, as good-looking women surround them yet they are supposed to be women themselves. Tony Curtis seems to have felt a little uncomfortable in his dress, which makes his Josephine wonderfully stiff. Nevertheless, where Curtis is more controlled Lemmon goes completely over the top. The movie belongs to him, in his, in my opinion, best performance at all. He is hilariously funny as Daphne and his Tango scenes with Joe E. Brown are as immortal as Browns lapidary last sentence: “Nobody’s perfect!”

With their energetic yet contrasting personality, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis make an ideal leading pair for a movie of this nature. Their energy and their sense of how far they can exaggerate things make it very easy to like their characters and to become interested in what happens to them, and in turn that makes everything else fit together. I like those people too much whenever they talk to each other. If I do not look carefully, maybe I think those are two women. A big part of the joke is that nobody seems to realize these couples of women are a fake.

How is Marilyn Monroe? She was the best blonde star in her generation. She works particularly well here (in the movie). Marilyn is very well matched with her character, and comes across quite naturally, and I even liked Monroe’s singing. She shows that she could be a great comedic actress with this film. She does a great job with the “dumb blond” role. Her performance is brilliant. Her Sugar is very na, some time it is “dumb”. But that is a lovely dumb.The supporting casts like the other girls in the band all have much smaller roles, but they are also crucial to making the movie so entertaining. Mr. Brown is a humorous role also. He accepts all what Mrs. Daphne says. I can not forget what he says at the end of the film when Daphne says he could not have children: “No one is perfect.” How humorous and ironic it is. They are so funny!

Let us talk about chemistry. Not the kind you see in the science room, but the kind between two people. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon have great chemistry together, they are explosive whenever they talk or see each other! They are what made the movie; although Marilyn Monroe does all right with her role, but it is the men in drag that keep the movie going

In my opinion, Some Like it Hot was the funniest black and white movie I have seen. This is a great movie, great actors, and a humorous storyline come together to make Some Like it Hot a treat for most people. If I rate it, Some Like it Hot gets 8 out of 10 points.


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