Some Pieces Of Advice For A Regular Gamer

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If you are a regular gamer who enjoys playing online Pogo games, you might have noticed how these games tend to slow down quite often. Pace of a game is as essential as its other components. A game that lags, freezes or stutters will ultimately annoy the player and might just make him or her switch to another game instead. Fortunately, Pogo itself has designed a feature called “Compatibility Scan” for users who face such issues. Once you follow the link given below, the website’s built-in tools will determine what features of your system may have been causing a problem.Once you have the results, you can work on the factors causing trouble.

Here are a few tips you could follow as an attempt to improve your game’s speed.

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a) Clear History, Cache, and Cookies

History and cache of a browser occupy tons of storage space in a computer. Clearing this junk is likely to help you speed up your games.

  1. If you see the top right hand corner of your browser’s interface, you will observe a symbol representing “Settings” or “Tools.” This varies from browser to browser.
  2. Once you click on such a symbol, a new menu will appear in front of you. Look for “History” and then select that option. Now, a new tab showing all your browsing history will appear.
  3. Here, you will also see an option saying “Clear History” or “Clear Browsing Data.” Choose this option.
  4. Depending on your browser, you will see options to “Clear Cache” and “Clear Cookies” while following the previous steps too. Use this option to clear cache or cookies and recover more space.

b) Update or Re-install Your Browser

Updating your browser regularly is likely to help too. New versions of browsers can easily be downloaded from the internet. These newer versions tend to have more advanced features, which might help you avoid bugs or crashes during your game play. If you uninstall and reinstall your browser, this will simply be an alternative to clearing history, cache and cookies manually.

c) Disable Plug-ins or Extensions

While it is true that many plug-ins or browser extensions have valuable functions, not all of them are always needed. Just like any extra software programs being opened slow down a computer system, excess plug-ins or extensions also slow down a browser and in turn, your game. This may cause your game to crash every now and then. To avoid such cases, it is better to disable your browser’s plug-ins or extensions before starting your online game. This can be easily done by going to the “Settings” of your browser and looking for “Extensions.” The exact steps may vary from browser to browser but the overall procedure would remain the same.

d) Recheck Java and Flash

Most of the Pogo games operate either using Java or else Flash. It might be possible that one of these programs (the one required by your game to function well) is disabled. Your first step should be ensuring that these features are enabled before your game play. Enabling these tools is a very easy task. Most browsers have their “Settings” button at the top right corner. When you click that button, you can see a list of other options. If you are unable to find “Java” or “Flash” directly from this list, you might have to look for “Advanced” then. From here, you can select the right option and. Usually, there is a drag button which enables or disables a particular tool.

It is suggested that users also regularly update their browser’s Adobe Flash and Java. Based on tests and reviews, these software tools are regularly updated by their creators to meet the changing user demands. The newer versions well help you take steps towards having a smoother gaming experience. You can easily update Java and Flash from Java’s own and Adobe’s websites respectively. However, make sure that you remove the previous versions from your system before downloading the new ones.

e) Close Extra Tabs

As mentioned earlier, opening unnecessary programs on your computer system slows it down. Similarly, opening multiple unnecessary tabs on your browser can disrupt your gaming experience. Experts suggest that to avoid slow gaming, you should close all extra tabs before your initiate your game.

We hope these suggestions helped you improve your gaming experience!


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