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Some Stratagems to Sleep Well

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The heat and the sleep disturbances go hand in hand, but the remedies for better sleep exist, let’s discover them together. It happens to many people to spend the whole night turning around in bed without being able to sleep, and all this because of the rising temperatures. Above all in the cities, the heat and the humidity reach really alarming levels and to be affected are all those who can not rest properly. It is therefore normal, during the day, to be tired, nervous and less concentrated than usual. So it is important to put in place some stratagems to sleep well even in the heat of summer.

1) Do not overdo the sun exposure

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To have a good sleep, you have to leave for several hours before going to bed. Summer is the season when you can finally enjoy a little ‘sun, but be careful: if you burn, the body temperature rises and the night will be more difficult to get to sleep.

2) Prefer a light dinner

Although in the summer it is pleasant to have a barbecue with friends or to go to the restaurant, it is necessary to pay attention to the food and drinks that you consume. Among the foods advised against in the heat, we can include frying, fatty foods and those that are too spicy. Go ahead instead to fruits and vegetables, which are light and keep our body hydrated. If you suffer from low blood pressure, you can add a pinch of salt to your meals, being careful not to overdo it.

3) Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

An eye also on what you drink: alcohol should be avoided, because if it is true that induces sleepiness, it is equally true that leads to having a disturbed rest and to wake up often during the night. Also sugary drinks are not recommended and, of course, coffee and tea – like all exciting drinks. In this regard, read also: Diet to sleep well, fight insomnia and wake up in the morning refreshed

4) Pay attention to the position of the bedroom

Obviously it is very important to try to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom, already a few hours before the time of rest. When the sun beats on the windows of the room, be careful to close the blinds and pull the curtains, to avoid overheating the environment. On the contrary, when the sun has set, open the windows and change the air.

5) Sleep in a low bed

The heat tends to rise upward, so a low bed can make us feel fresher. A futon-like solution is ideal, but on hot nights you can even try a mattress resting on the floor.

6) Use the conditioner in moderation

If you are among the lucky ones who have an air conditioner in the bedroom, you will be tempted to keep it on all night so as not to suffer from the heat. The important thing is that the temperature is not too low: the ideal temperature ranges from 18 ° to 23 ° C.

7) Use a few lights in the room

Another important tip is to not keep too many lights on in the bedroom. Take advantage of sunlight as much as you can, and then use low-voltage light bulbs, which produce less heat. If you are used to reading in bed – which certainly reconciles your sleep – try to settle for a single point of light, perhaps a bedside lamp on the nightstand. Keeping the lights off is also important to avoid one of the factors that causes a little restorative sleep: the presence of mosquitoes in the bedroom.

8) Switch off electronic equipment

It has always been advised not to abuse TV and smartphones just before going to bed. The lights that emit in fact interfere with sleep, especially those of the phone that are literally “fired” in the face. In this case the advice is even more valid, because all the electronic equipment, when in use, produce heat. Turn off the TV and remember NOT to recharge the phone on the bedside table, your rest will benefit. In this regard, read also: Using your smartphone in bed before going to sleep could kill you

9) Choose bed linen carefully

Care must be taken to choose sheets: cotton and linen are natural fabrics that help perspiration and allow air to pass through. Even the color of bed linen can be important. The light colors in fact attract less heat, and are therefore the most recommended.

10) Wear pajamas

It may sound like a contradiction, but wearing pajamas can help you stay cooler. This is because a good fabric – linen or cotton – absorbs perspiration and promotes perspiration. If wearing pajamas seems exaggerated, a nightgown or a tank top may suffice.

11) Take a fresh shower

Of course the most followed advice is to have a nice fresh shower just before going to bed. In fact, fresh water quickly lowers body temperature and frees us from sweat.

12) Make a foot bath

But it is not always possible to take a shower immediately before going to bed. In this case, it may be helpful to dip your feet in fresh water for a few minutes. The extremities are in fact the most sensitive parts to the heat, and lowering their temperature with a foot bath will give a feeling of freshness throughout the body.

13) Drink before going to bed

Hydration is essential, especially in summer. To sleep well when it’s very hot, there’s nothing better than a glass of fresh water just before bedtime. Just be careful not to overdo it: if the water is too cold, you risk causing unpleasant stomach cramps. If you drink too much, you will need to go to the bathroom and then sleep will be disturbed by annoying awakenings.

14) Choose a comfortable position

Finally one last tip to rest well: what position to take in bed? The heat is dispersed over a larger surface, so it is better to sleep well relaxed and not in a fetal position. In addition, slightly open the arms and legs allows you to have more skin exposed to the air, and then lower the body temperature. If you suffer from swollen legs due to the heat, you can also use cushions to lift them up.


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