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Some Surprising Facts about Fat

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Everywhere there is an air of fat! Fat loss! Reducing weight! And so much more. Reducing fat is perhaps the most searched item in Google.

The numbers of gyms are increasing. People today are more conscious about what they are eating. You go the market, buy products and instantly flip to the other side of the packet. You check the percentage of fat content in the product. You like being praised on your good figure. In fact, you strive really hard only for that one complement … ‘Oh! You look stunning! What a figure!’

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But wait a minute. Have you ever thought whether all the fat should be shed or not? Should you aim at curbing down all the fat from or body? Well, like protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, fat too are important for your body’s growth. Now you may wonder, if fat is useful, why do we gain weight? It’s very simple. Substitute fat with the word sugar. The mastermind and the real villain behind this game is sugar. It is sugar that plays all the tricks. Aren’t you awed? Know some more surprising facts about fat.

  • Sugar makes you fat
  • We Indians are stuffed with sugar from all sides. As long as sugar-coated words are concerned, it is fine. But sugary foods are a big NO! Allowing your body to more sugar means that you are welcoming insulin. Your body heightens the blood sugar level. No, no, I’m not speaking of reaching the extreme. Of course your body needs sugar. All the sugar you consume cannot be burnt. Remaining ones turn to fat.

  • Dietary fat is more complex than sugar
  • Almost 257 types of sugar are available. And the bitter truth is, all create the same damage. After all, sugar is sugar. Sugar does havoc to your body. On the other hand, fat is more complicated. Saturated, monosaturated, polysaturated, trans fats are all categories of fats. Further they are sub-divided into several other groups. Some fats are good, some neutral while some are bad. So you have to keep this in mind before starting your fat loss schedule.

  • Low-fat diet induce heart disease
  • Eating less of fat reduces weight. I’m sorry to day guys, you are absolutely wrong. You fill up the dearth created by fats with sugar or starch. Henceforth, the sugar consumption is more. Now, this is sure to cause a heart attack. More than half of the people fail to fight in the emergency room in a minor heart attack. Do you know why it happens? This is the sheer effect of cholesterol induced by sugar.

  • Saturated fat is not your enemy
  • How do you feel when you hear of saturated fat? Either you consider it harmful or you do not know about it. Get over these dark notions. In case of saturated fats, quality matters. The fat in a fast food like burger is not similar to the fat in the coconut oil. The former is harmful while the latter is beneficial for your body. So before you say no to all types of fats, know about it properly.

  • Some fats are unhealthy
  • Trans fats and inflammatory vegetable oils are unhealthy fats. It is sad that we have increased these amounts of fats in our daily diet. Now you cannot blame on the fat. It is you who should be blamed. The more you become fat the more is the inflammation in the body. Therefore, you are affected with a lot of diseases.

  • Eating fat can make you lean
  • Do you know about the contribution of fat in your body? It’s huge. Fats create the cell’s walls that metabolize insulin more. Hence, your blood sugar remains well-regulated. If you do not have a control on your blood sugar level, your bodily fat drains away. Besides, you will be surprised to know that stuffing your body with right amounts of fat burns excess fat. In addition, cuts hunger and reduces fat storage. See, how amazing it is! Avoid the wrong type of sugar and fat to slim down.

  • Good fats heal
  • If you are a diabetic patient, prepare a diet chart that is high on protein. Are you suffering from cholesterol? If so, the same thing applies to you. Ask your doctor to prepare a protein rich diet chart. I bet, it will reduce your cholesterol, deduce your weight and make you more fit. Follow this fitness goal. You will definitely get mind-blowing results.

  • Your brain contains 60 % fat
  • Aren’t you surprised to know that your brain contains so much fat? Honestly, in the first chance, I too was shocked. A large portion of this fat is nothing but the omega 3 fat. Also known as the DHA, your brain needs this component for communication. The more you pour in high-quality fat, the happier you will be. All emotions are triggered by the DHA. Should you stop taking fats? I hope by the end of this article you will change your mind. Stop being rigid. Start classifying the good fats and bad fats. And include the good ones in your daily diet.


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