Some Ways to Be a Productive Stoner: Wake and Bake Like a Pro


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Have you tried shaking off those morning cobwebs with a full packed bowl or pipe? Where you fill the entire room with smoke before you can even properly open your eyes. Take in some good vibes into your lungs before setting your foot on the floor and checking the time. Surely, everyone has a version of this story on how they start their day. Question is, did you ended it right after doing so? Or did you just went back to bed and hid under those sheets, or maybe you left it but continued getting all high on the couch. Cannabis gives you that feel good ambiance making it a perfect head start. If handled well, it will keep you going the entire day. Yes, you understood it right, one can manage to be productive while baked.

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Think of it as Yin and Yang, a matter of balance. You need to work and you have responsibilities. At the same time, you want to feel less stress and more relaxed in facing day to day life. So how is it to be a productive stoner, to wake and bake like a pro? First secret to be told is to pick your strain very well. Not all strains will help you complete your daily checklist, unless sticking to you bed the whole day is how you describe productivity. It is better to stay away from Indica strains to avoid a sense of deep body relaxation. Choose Sativa strain for a wise wake and bake experience and to have yourself in a more energized state. That kind of high that brings out creativity making it easy for people like artists to come up with boundless ideas. Read through and we present to you 10 tips to a successful wake and bake.

Smoke before taking a shower. There is this amazing kind of feeling that only stoners know while showering on high. It makes you feel the nature and purity of the water. Not only that it gives you a wonderful feeling, this will also washes away all the lingering cannabis smell that stick around the body. It’s always better to smell fresh every time you go out on your daily activities.

Eat a healthy breakfast after smoking. Eating right will give you the energy and focus to accomplish your to-do list. After toking, fill up your stomach with a full breakfast or any food of your choice. Always remember, a happy tummy will lead to a more productive day.

Brush your teeth after toking. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. You don’t want to talk to other people with your breath smelling like pot. Keep your breath nice and fresh before leaving your home. Keep an eye out on the clock. While you’re enjoying your wake and bake, you’re not far to losing the track of time. As part of being a responsible stoner, make sure to remember the time if you have to go somewhere on the day. You can set an alarm so you’ll have enough time to prepare before leaving. Smoke in your pajamas. Wear your loungewear or clothes you only wore around the house during smoking session instead of the outfit that is intended to be worn through the rest of the day. This will keep you from smelling pot which sticks to the fabric.

Don’t go back to sleep. After hitting a big fat bowl, it makes us feel calm and relaxed that we might feel lethargic. That’s why you have to choose the perfect strain during your wake and bake session so your day won’t be ruined. Play some catchy good hook music to cheer you up. Trip out on something so you won’t end up with wake and back.

Wake up a little earlier. Part of having such an enjoyable wake and bake session is having enough time to enjoy it all. If you wanted to do it as a daily morning routine, then you might want to wake up a little earlier than normal. Rushing around after smoking will just kill your high and will turn your whole wake and bake into nonsense.

Always bring water on hand. Having a dry mouth is one common effect of smoking pot. Drink water and other liquids to solve this problem. Just stay away from coffee as it will make the dryness worse. While some stoners prefers soda to get refreshed, it’s best to drink water. Water is the best thirst remedy above all.

Avoid red eyes. Another natural effects after blazing is having a red eye. Lucky to those who never experienced this. If you go out wearing those bloodshot eyes, you better think twice. Dude, don’t be a rookie. Putting on sunglasses to cover your eyes won’t be necessary at all times. Invest on eye drops to soothe the redness and play it safe.

Do not smell up neighbor’s house or hallway. If you’re living in an apartment or a complex neighborhood, be respectful on this time of the day. There are people who doesn’t like the smell of marijuana. To prevent the smoke from escaping from your room, you can place a cloth under your door. Burning candles or incense are some techniques that most stoners do. If none are available, then you may just spray a little of your perfume.

These are just simple tips but helpful enough to make your wake and bake interesting and successful. Generally, it’s just taking up at an earlier time before typical morning activities. Think of it as taking your daily vitamins on a specific time of the day. Whether it be regular or occasional, always make sure to be a productive and responsible smoker. Being in the cloud 9 is such a wonderful feeling, so let’s keep it that way. Maintaining balance will keep us from falling face flat on the ground.

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