Something You Regret in Your Life

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Something You Regret In Your Life

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It can be not very easy to do things that make individuals who they are, having formed from many perspectives and occurrences. People like to say stuff about how the past is just the past, and it has no impact on them now, or how they have no remorse. Mistakes and events of our life play a crucial role in turning us into what you are now. Our experiences are built on events happening around us, and those events are what defines us. How you respond to the pain caused in the past, and how you decide to stand up, is entirely up to you. Not only does the wrong decision cost us a tremendous opportunity but regretting, it can also lead to a much longer drain of emotions. The guilt cycle leaves us with nothing but pain when we continue to enable the past to determine how we should feel right now.

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You face millions of choices every day. From which most of them are small, which doesn’t leave an impact on our life. But you are going to have to face a few choices that can do some significant damage. Those choices, if taken wrong, give birth to a feeling which you call regret. Regret is an overwhelming feeling knowing you can’t alter anything you’ve done or wanted to do. You feel uneasy because you wish things could have been different, you wish you had done things differently that might change past actions, events or words exchanged. It would be tough to avoid the reasons for disappointments. Most regrets emerge from something that you always feel sorry for or the things that you missed out on or are going to miss out on due to the wrong choices. That’s all regret is; wrong decisions which you make in life. So, all you need to do is make the right decisions all the time if you want to live a life without remorse. But saying that is much easier than implementing it in life. There will always regret to remain in one’s life. No one ever makes the correct decision in life all the time. It’s just speculation to make perfect decisions on each judgment. When you live long enough, you will eventually make the wrong decision. It’s one thing that you can’t control in life. Just because things didn’t go the way you thought they would, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s always said that mistakes make a man perfect. It happens when we make a mistake; the regret of it stays inside of us. To accomplish something, you must risk making mistakes in life. But we can take steps to minimize the effect caused by regret in our life.

Luckily, there are powerful ways to reduce the effect of regret in your life. The single most significant gift you can give to yourself is to recognize that you are just a normal human being and the fact that humans are not perfect. The first thing you need to do is to accept the way you are right now. ‘Accept the past as past, without denying or discarding it.’ (Albom,1997). This statement is a very good example of accepting the past and accepting the way you are. It is not possible to change history. The only way to take note of the experience is not to stay in it, but to grow from it. Denying it and trying to throw it out creates a sense of remorse. Recognize that some choices were made at that moment because of what you wanted. It’s also a way of respecting yourself. The worst thing you could do is reject what had happened in your life. Don’t dismiss those things. Instead, take responsibility for your past behavior, choices, and acts. You can only gain control of your emotions by accepting responsibility to pave the foundation toward positive change further. Once you accept the feelings instead of suppressing them, it helps you think of techniques that you can use to mitigate the intensity of that emotion’s future interactions. All of us are incomplete. From every case, you don’t need to build a silver lining. Occasionally, it’s is just regret and nothing else.

Once you’ve accepted the way you are, then comes the time to evaluate the situation. First, make an objective assessment of your worries by genuinely recognizing your failures. Perhaps events that were out of your reach might have happened. Yes, of course, you might still feel pity about the circumstance, but if something wasn’t entirely within your reach, there’s nothing you might have possibly done to avoid it. ‘I wanted that clarity. Every confused and tortured soul I knew wanted that clarity.’ (Albom, 1997). It is essential to have clarity about what happened and how you got into this position. If you can’t understand the situation or don’t have any transparency, then it will be hard to understand what exactly happened during that event. Once you have the clarity of what exactly went, now it’s time to make a note about yourself and learn from this issue. The beautiful thing about life is that it continues to move and doesn’t stop. All you could is remember all the stuff that happened during this experience which could help improve your future choices, attitudes, and behaviors. Regrets can also be used to help you learn more about yourself from the mistakes of the past rather than dwell on them and let them destroy you. Now you have an idea of what exactly happened and what you did wrong. To not make the same mistake again, you much move on with a positive attitude. If you continue to repeat the same mistake repeatedly, the cycle will continue, and you will feel more remorse that will lead to errors in the future. Don’t wait for the right time or the regret will keep making you feel uneasy. You must decide to take a step forward right this moment towards a positive change.

Talking to a friend can help someone to get over regret in their life. ‘Mitch,’ he continued, softly now, ‘you don’t understand. I want to tell you about my life. I want to tell you before I can’t tell you anymore.’ (Albom,1977). The purpose of this statement is to shed light on how one is asking his friend to help understand his life. Talking to others might help them understand the situation from a different perspective. Perhaps the act of merely assisting others in shifting their perspective on their regrets may at the same time help you to perceive your sorrows in a more enriching manner. Spending more time with the outer world and sharing joy and passion will help to minimize the regret in your life. When you live with enthusiasm and share that enthusiasm with others, you’re not going to have the energy to regret things in your life. ‘It’s not just other people we need to forgive. We also need to forgive ourselves for all the things we didn’t do — all the things we should have done. You can’t get stuck on regrets of what should have happened’ (Albom, 1997). The decisions you make in the event of regret are because of the circumstances during that time. If you haven’t thought of any other choice, it’s not your fault. Forgiving yourself is a significant step in the direction of life with less regret and more positivity.

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