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Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

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Paraphrase of sonnet 18, shall I compare you to a summer’s day? you’re prettier and more moderate: Harsh winds disturb the delicate buds of May, and summer doesn’t last long enough. sometimes the sun is too hot, and its golden face is usually dimmed by clouds. All stunning things eventually abate stunning, either by the experiences of life or by the passing of time. However, your eternal beauty won’t fade, nor lose any of its quality. And you’ll never die, as you’ll survive in my enduring poetry. As long as there are people still alive to read poems this sonnet can live, and you’ll live in it.

Paraphrase of ‘I find no peace, I find no peace, even though my struggle is over. l am on fire, yet frozen. I fly, yet I can’t get off the ground. I can’t be imprisoned, but I can’t escape. Without eyes I see, without a tongue, I complain. I hope to die, but I want to be healthy. I am happy in sadness and sad in happiness. The reason for my pain is my pleasure.

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Sonnet 18 and ‘I find no peace’ contain the themes of love but in different ways. Sonnet 18 contains the themes of love, immortalize, and time. While ‘I find no peace’ expresses how the speaker is in conflict and how he feels. In sonnet 18 Shakespeare compares his lover to the summer, the most beautiful season of the year. However, summer’s beauty cannot exist all year long, but his love for her and her beauty will always exist. In ‘I find no peace’ contains the themes of love and conflict in feelings. The speaker loves his beloved bet at the same time he hates her too because she refused him. The conflict and how the speaker feels appear in his opposite ideas such as ‘ I find no peace, and all my war is done. In other words, the speaker is not at war, but also, he is not in peace. Another example is ‘I desire to perish, and yet I ask health’. The speaker wants to die but he wants to be healthy.

Sonnet 18 and ‘ I find no peace’, both consist of 14 lines in one single stanza. In sonnet 18, The first two quatrains introduce a problem, in this case, the eventual decay of beauty. The third quatrain accompanies a tone shift and sets up the entrance for the couplet. The couplet wraps up the poem and offers a solution to the conflict, which is immortality through writing a poem. In I find no peace the speaker used a repetition that suggests that he is struggling with the idea and is trying to comprehend the complexity of his emotions and the effect they are having on him. The opening quatrain flicks back and forward, without allowing much pause to show how conflicted he is. Then in the second quatrain uses enjambment as he goes back and forth about whether he sees love as being a positive or a negative in terms of his heart. This quick-fire struggle gives way to a longing for release and links to the first suggestion of death as a release. He repeats this association three times in the final seven lines, emphasizing the dark power love can possess. However, finally, the idea of it as an escape is defeated as he suggests that even in death he would feel ‘displeased as he would still long for this girl.

Sonnet 18 contains a lot of figures of speech, there are personifications and metaphors. In ‘I find no peace there is a lot of antitheses, metaphors, and one simile. In sonnet 18 ‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’ is a personification where the act of shaking is done by ‘Rough winds’, so a human action is referred to as a without life thing. Also, in ‘I find no peace’ ‘I burn and freeze like ice’ is a simile because the speaker compared his feels with ice using as.

In my opinion in the two poems are good especially ‘I find no peace. In sonnet 18 the speaker with his lover seems to be so in love. That’s why he wrote this poem because he wants their love to stay after their death, although it’s a stupid and useless thing to do in my opinion. ‘I find no peace’ is a great poem, the speaker describes his feelings and conflicts in a really good way.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading the two poems. Sonnet 18 and ‘I find no peace’ both are about love. One of the two poems is written by the greater poet in English literature William Shakespeare. 


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