Sonnet 30 by Edmund Spenser. Poem Analysis

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Sonnet 30 by Edmund Spenser. Poem Analysis

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The poem makes me sympathize with the persona as I read it through. The statement, “Ice which is congealed with the senseless cold should kindle fire by wonderful device” makes a revelation how much the persona struggles but he is still never understood(Karen, 2017). This part makes me feel the sadness that the author has due to moments of being let down despite his manifestation of love to her. When I relate all the struggles that the persona has, the sonnet makes me sad and full of sympathy.

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The poem was written during the Renaissance period; the age of the likes of Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney among others(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). This period was characterized by significant minds who produced the best literary work in history. Their pieces of work especially the poem were masterpieces. The work of these writers in this era has however undergone severe alterations and changes thus the efforts to acquire the original information at that time has proved to excessively challenging. Various kinds of poems ranging from epic to ballad gained fame among writers and audience in the form of manuscripts, recitations and prints between 1509; the period when Henry viii reigned to 1660 when the commonwealth came to an end(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). The poets of this era observed the era of early modern history, how turbulent it was and measured it regarding glorious allegorical past. The poets then started focusing on human desires as well as the elementary matters of distinctiveness and prejudice.

The literary work devised at this period was characterized by various qualities such as detachment, play, mockery, disdain, entreaty and intense self-scrutiny among others. These qualities matured with time in the work of different writers. However, Renaissance poetry is divided into 2; the Tudor period of 1485-1603 and the Stuart period of 1603-1649(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). The boundary of Stuart and Tudor period poetry is critical in explaining the challenging epic and sonnet by innumerable poetic apprehensions such as devout poetry and satire. This helps in expounding on and accounting for the growing assertion on “strong lines” existing in various minds and work of poets based on the writing styles employed (Hadfield, 2014). The dissections can, however, barricade the observation of similarities that exist between different writers who are said to share various correspondences as portrayed in the areas they explore in their work as well as the styles of writing employed. The poetic work of renaissance period is extraordinary when we talk about its quality, emotional complexity, rhetorical genius, variety and depth(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015).

Spenser; the prince of the poet in his time travelled far and wide(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). He worked in various posts and was well educated. He also admired other people’s work. His best poet was Geoffrey Chaucer. This means that for a person to be a great writer, he must be able to express himself and also have experience with various issues in life that form the subject of his work. Just like Spenser, one must be willing to carry out his passion regardless of being involved in other duties. One must also be willing to explore areas of interest to the people in the best way possible to capture the audience interest, and attention since every work that one does is intended to impress the people. It would, therefore, be a great loss to explore areas that are never captivating.

The theme of this poem is how uneven love can be. The pet has used various stylistic devices to bring out the theme in the best way possible. Being a Sensperian sonnet, the poem has a rhymes scheme of ababbcbccdcdee(Karen, 2017). The title of the poem is numbered sonnet since this is one of the many poems that Spenser made. The bit in parenthesis indicates a contrast that exists between words and even emotions(Karen, 2017). Spenser tries to deliver the message of how uneven love can be to the reader. Through the use of words and rhymes, he explains to the readers that despite the differences in feelings between two people, love will always shade your sanities of veracity and erroneous. Simile as a form of imagery is employed in the poem to convey the author’s message.

According to Hadfield, (2014), the figurative form of language is used to stress the disparity of ice and fire. “My love is like to ice and I to fire” is a direct simile that in imagery form tries to explain the disparity existing between the feeling and emotions of two persons (line 1) (Karen, 2017). Consonance and assonance are found in the sounds that have been repeated thus being able to make an emphasis on the images that the writer desires to trail. There is the use of the “th" sound in line two that helps in penetrating through the fancies of the reader thus depicting the punitive aspects of the cold. A wide variety of emotions are expressed in the poem. The beginning of the poem is used to as a mien of exasperation that the writer has in his present state.

The author in the second stanza wonders why he is not understood despite the efforts that he puts to make her happy(Karen, 2017). His worries are because, despite everything that he does, he is always let down. The final stanza shows a shift in emotions where he states the message of the poem. He states that love is strong enough to blind a person’s senses of right and wrong. This statement is used to show the intense emotions that he has and indicates that despite what happens, he still loves her so much.

This work is a masterpiece that should be admired by the present day audience. It should provide an insight into the fields that when explored capture the audience the most. The present-day audience should learn that the fields explored during the renaissance times are not so different from what is explored in the current era. The only variance is the disparity in the language used and the manner in which the message is communicated(Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). However, this work is equally or even more attractive than the writings of the current era. Present day audience should therefore not ignore the work done at this time since it is rather more entertaining than they can even fathom.

The work of Edmund Spenser is from the renaissance time (Cheney, &Silberman, 2015). That alone made me despise the work so much. I thought the message in work would be rather vague and so archaic for me to understand. However, when I read the poem, I realized that this piece of work is one of the most entertaining poems that I have ever come across. The styles of writing are perfectly employed and the message communicated is flawless. The manner in which the message has been communicated is unbelievably touching. At the end of it, this work changed the way I viewed the work done at ancient times and made me gain interest in exploring more of this kind of work made in the renaissance and classical periods.=

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