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South Korea’s Culture

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South Korea’s culture includes tradition, trends, customs, values, their perceptions, language, art music, and social norms everything relating with their everyday’s work as a regular stuff. After achieving victory Korea divided into two states South Korea & North Korea. From past to present South Korea has changed very significantly as they are now more westernized than before. South Korea actually has a tremendous influence of Chinese activities which made them now so much modernized in order to food stuff actually, such as now people in south Korea love to have western food more than their traditional Korean food. But that doesn’t mean they are moving from their trends, traditional culture in every sector.

They are still stick with their old customs like take off shoes before entering home, bow down in terms of shaking hands as they think bowing down head towards someone is a vive of giving respect, honor to people, not accepting compliment as it is considered as rudeness in their culture, still have their national drink named “ sojo” , eating their special old traditional food “ kimchi”. They became westernized true but still they didn’t forget their old culture which represents their values, their country, also them.

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If it comes about their religion concern, they are equally respectable towards not only Buddhist but also Islamic, Protestant Catholicism. Celebrating holidays plays a significant role in South Korean. They always prefer to celebrate New Year & ch’ usok as holidays.

People around the world come to visit this county to know and get knowledge about their culture. The South Korean’s customs according to their several regions in South Korea varies. The popular places including (Seoul, Bussan, Inchon, Suwon, Buyeo, Gyeongju) here mostly culture varied as because of geography variation also environmental facts. People select to tour in these all popular places as to get knowledgeable about their culture of eating, shopping, thinking, drinking, more importantly festive.

South Korean culture has been playing a large amount of significance role for the development of their tourism industry. Now South Korea is considered as a developed country as it is economically well in global era. And being curious about their culture of other country’s people it strikes their tourism industry higher position which contributes this country’s economic sectors tremendously.


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