Importance of Communication in Different Professions: Speaking and Listening Skills

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Politicians: politicians need communication as they are often delivering bad news such as scandals, failures and targets not being met. Judgement will always be cast on the way they communicate due to always being in the public eye and the way they handle situations will injure their public image and/or their political party. Politicians will likely use someone to write speeches on topics to try and control the damage made by bad situations whilst finding the positives in the situation and find someone else to blame so that they aren’t the ones in the public firing line.

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Doctors and Health professionals: Doctors and Health professionals need to communicate with good and bad news with service users, their families and each other whether that be a bad diagnosis, the death of a family member or in hand overs. These professionals go through training to learn the right communication and how to communicate more effectively whilst with empathy.

Police and Law enforcement: Police officers need to communicate effectively with victims, criminals and their families. They need effective communication because the way they speak to a victim can either make it sound like victim blaming or it can sound like they aren’t interested where as they must keep their opinion to themselves until a side is proven with evidence. Much like doctors they are given extensive training on speaking and listening.

Managers: A manager needs good communication skills as they are a classed as the team leader. They’re the person that everyone goes to when there is a problem or a complain whether that be between two colleges’ or customers. Managers need to delegate jobs and responsibilities within the workplace whilst making sure that the staff member understands what they’re doing when they’re meant to be doing it sometimes resulting in having to repeat themselves in several different ways throughout that shift. A major part of a manager’s job role is dealing with customers whether that be general inquests or complaints they have to use excellent speaking and listening skills to help them with their enquiries and if there is a complaint against a member of staff they have to remove the member of staff from the situation, so they can listen to the customers side of the situation and then go to find the staff member to listen to theirs after doing so they have the tough decision to make on the need to take it further and how to solve it between themselves, the staff member and the customer.

Servers: Like a manager a server need excellent communication skills as they have a more one to one customer assistance role within the work place. Servers need to communicate with guests about both drinks and food menus whilst listening and answering questions about each menu and everything on it. servers also need to communicate with not only their own team but the other teams such as the kitchen, bar and management team whether that be for orders that were miscommunicated or changed or over a complaint. Servers are also the first people that customers see as they not only serve but they also host which means they greet and seat the guests before any orders are taken.

Bartenders: A bartender’s communication is important as like a server they deal with customer requests and questions about drinks and menus. Listening skills are extremely important as they must deal with allergies and be responsible enough to stop service if the customer is slurring or showing any signs of intoxication. They too must work and communicate with other teams such as with the servers if they serve the customer first and are told about an allergy they must communicate with the several teams in the restaurant to inform them of such allergy with the guest description or by discretely pointing them out to each of the teams. Whilst doing all of this they must be able to listen to those above them such as the supervisors or the managers about the job they are doing and taking on criticism with their customer service and close downs and putting it into practice.

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