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Catholicism, specifically Roman Catholicism has very strict views on abortion. They only permit it if the mother can die due to her pregnancy. They look down upon anyone in and out of their community who choses to go through with this procedure. They are so against it because they believe that in G-d’s eyes it is murder. I want to point out atholic view on abortion.

In Catholicism, Roman Catholics believe abortion is always wrong as it goes against the natural process of life and death so it is seen as against the will of G-d. Catholics believe that ending the life of a fetus in the womb is a serious sin. They believe all forms and stages of human life are sacred. For them, the fetus is a future human and should be give full human rights. They arrived at their views on abortion through interpretations of the Bible. Biblical evidence that Catholics use to defend their stance on abortion is through Exodus 20:13 which explains how that G-d should be the only giver and taker of life. In Genesis it says that ‘Life begins at conception’. To them, this means that from the moment of conception, the fetus is a human and has human rights. Jeremiah 1:15 states “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”.

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Catholics believes that this scripture means that G-d knows the soul of every fetus. Catholics believe that God’s spirit lives in every person, even in a a fetus. To them this proves that a fetus is a human life. Since Catholics believe a fetus is human life then abortion would be considered murder as ‘Thou shall not kill’ is one of the commandments. The only time Catholics accept, but not necessarily agree with abortion, is when the mother is in life threatening danger due to her pregnancy. If a woman has been raped, Catholics believe that is it wrong to kill a child for her father’s wrongdoings and for that reason should not be aborted. Overall, for Catholics the killing of a fetus is very wrong. Catholics see that having an abortion is a form of murder and therefore a big sin. I do agree with some of the Catholic views on abortion. I do have more conservative views on this topic but definitely not as extreme as Roman Catholics do.

I believe that human life is extremely sacred. I consider a fetus to be life as within nine months the fetus will be a baby. I believe abortion to be wrong if this baby will have proper guardian to raise them. I believe it is morally incorrect if for example a good, happy and financially stable couple already has three kids and the mother becomes pregnant and decides to abort the baby just because she don’t want another one. I believe it’s wrong to deny the fetus it’s future potential. Unlike Catholicism, I do believe abortions should be allowed in certain cases. But, my personal preferred solution would be to give the baby up for adoption. With adoption you are giving the fetus the chance to live with eliminating the issue which is usually raising a child. A very happy couple will receive a baby that they want so badly but are unable to have. Even so, I do believe abortion should be allowed for cases with unstable guardian(s), no financial security, danger to the mother, danger to the fetus, diseases like Down’s Syndrome, teen pregnancies, rape cases and more.

If the fetus will be born into a family with for example drug addicts with parents who spend all their money feeding their addiction instead of their child I do believe it is the mother’s responsibility to either abort the baby but more preferably to give her baby up for adoption because there are so many couples who want a child so badly but just can’t have one naturally. If the pregnancy is dangerous for the mother’s health and may even cause life-threatening issues or the fetus’s progression I think an abortion is absolutely necessary. I do believe the mother’s life is worth more than a fetus’. In teen pregnancies, many decide to abort the fetus because it doesn’t derail the teenage girl’s education and life plans. To some it is not worth it to adjust your life plans to either give this baby away for adoption or keep it. Having a baby with down’s syndrome completely changes your lifestyle and if you are incapable in any capacity, emotionally, mentally or physically I do believe it is your own choice to either abort or give this baby up for adoption. 

The Conservative is less like Catholicism as this movement is somewhat more lenient in abortion cases. They believe threats to a mother’s life extends to psychological threats and her mental well-being. The Reform movement is furthest from Catholicism’s beliefs. It has been determined that abortion is permitted for sake of the mother’s mental and physical well-being, rape and incest cases, and more depending on the situation. The Catholic stance on abortion is most similar to the Ultra Orthodox stance. They has the strictest views of all the Jewish denominations which is why it is most similar to Catholicism. They both agree that abortion should not be allowed unless the mother’s life is in danger.

Catholics believe that abortion is always a sin because through the bible they believe that G-d implied that abortion is murder. It is solely permitted if the mother has a life threatening issue. Even though their perspective on this topic is rigid I do still agree with some of their views. 

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