Spending Money on Skills: Knowledge is More Important than Money

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  • Helps Your Mind Grow Stronger
  • Boost your confidence
  • Save Yourself from Dementia
  • Makes You Happier
  • Stay Relevant in a Job
  • You Won’t Get Bored
  • Boosts Leadership Skills

Whether its art, culture, craft or any other thing, there is no end to the number of skills you can gain knowledge of. A person who spends his/her time on attaining new skills is so much better in the long run than a person who would just buy new things rather than acquisition of knowledge. In this blog we would be telling you the reasons you should be spending your time and money on learning new skills than on buying newTs things.

Helps Your Mind Grow Stronger

When you spend time on obtaining new skills, your knowledge expands, you become expertise in another field. Knowledge is much more important than any other thing you buy off the internet as knowledge lasts forever while material gains you buy will get broken over time. Also, you can show off your skills among your peers for gaining their respect and well, show off if you want to.

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Boost your confidence

This quote might be able to convey the message we want to share: “Its Actually a core need for psychological Wellbeing. Learning can help us build self-confidence and a sense of self-efficacy”. Learning New Skills boosts your confidence. It will also help you to connect well with others. Your inter-personal skills might also increase. Even science claims that learning has a positive effect on your self-esteem. Learning boosts creativity inside a human being while purchasing new things will do no such things. Thus, we can also say that learning and creativity go together.

Save Yourself from Dementia

When your mind remains idle for a period, you are likely to develop Dementia which leads to degradation of your brain. Therefore, we see that people who don’t learn much are also those people who are not bright.

Makes You Happier

When you are engaged in a task, you lose sense of time and other things. Scientists call it getting in the Zone. When you are in this zone your mind is occupied and this ultimately makes you much happier than when you are idle. Learning New Skills in a group will also lead to you getting instant feedback. This will help you know whether what you are doing is correct or not.

Stay Relevant in a Job

If you are a working person, then Learning New Skills related to your work will help you to remain relevant. To stay relevant in a job you must become a learning junkie so that you are updated with all new aspects that are added almost daily.

You Won’t Get Bored

After school life ends, you will find yourself with a lot of free time and it will lead to boredom. The time you are getting is precious and you should invest it by learning a new set of skills. This will help you to fight boredom and you will be taking full advantage of the extra time available. One thing which might motivate you to participate in Learning New Skills is that some of the skills like tally, Coding etc will come useful in your college and work life.

Boosts Leadership Skills

Learning New Skills isn’t just about you. It will help you to develop leadership qualities which you can pass onto other individuals and motivate them to perform better. Well, these were some reasons why Learning New Skills is much more important than buying new things. We hope this would have motivated you to take a step toward leaning and spending your money in a much more efficient and better way.

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