Spider Man: a Literary Review's Introduction

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Spider man is a character that has appeared in several fictional comic movies and books. Initially this character was created by the re-known writers Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. In August 1962, the fictional character Spider-Man made the first appearance in the scene of arts in a production that later became popularly known as “The Amazing Fantasy”. In this production, both writers portrayed the Spider-Man as a teenage orphan who has to deal with the challenges of adolescence and prevalent criminal culture. These writers both gave Spider-Man extraordinary capabilities as well as strength. According to them, the little orphan could cling to most surfaces that clearly look slippery using self invented mechanisms. Besides, he could use his spider sense to react to danger very fast, so he could easily tackle his danger that came his way (Rebecca Ascher-Welch)

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The artistic writers have always projected the Spider-Man as a man under siege of his enemies. These enemies characteristically originate from accidents or misuse of scientific knowledge by humans. The villains projected in a majority of these productions include the Chameleon, which first appeared in The Amazing Spider Man sometime in 1963. Other equally strong enemies that the Spider-Man has had to face are the Doctor Octopus, the Lizard and the Vulture. However, in all these storylines the writes depict the Spider-Man as the ultimate winner over his villains. In fact, in some instances, the villains die in the middle of the storyline and have to be replaced midway, like it was the case with Norman Osborn (Robert K. Elder)

This has led to certain instances where the enemies form groups so they can offer adequate opposition against the Spider-Man. Yet still, the Spider-Man boldly triumphs against the villains. Nonetheless, some characters in the form of his enemies often prove a greater challenge. For instance, the Venom has been variously given the tribute of the most ruthless enemy the Spider-Man ever faced (Gross, Edward).

The tragic fall of the Spider-Man comes forth in the story arc The Night Gwen Stacy Died. In this story, the Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis called Green Goblin has abducted his beloved girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Green Goblin then begins to lure Spider-Man into the tower of George Washington, where a great clash ensues. During the fight, the Spider-Man shoots a web on her feet to get hold of her. This makes him filled with pride that he has finally saved his girlfriend. However, he gets so heart broken when he realizes that she is actually dead (Rebecca Ascher-Welch).

The Spider-Man actually blames himself for her death, something that is conceived as self punishment by inflicting the torture of a murderer on himself. According to him, she died of the whiplash effect she went through when the webbing meant to save her stopped her so suddenly. Eventually, Green Goblin escapes from the scene of the fight, something that makes the Spider-Man swear he must kill Green Goblin. Later on, he is able to use his spider sense to detect danger in pursuit of Green Goblin and in a fight, in which he kills the enemy (Gross, Edward).

The obvious knowledge drawn from the death of Stacy is the trend, where female characters in super hero comics undergo a greater physical suffering as compared to their male counterparts. This is the opposite of what happens in the contemporary world, because it is the Spider-Man who experiences emotional suffering instead (Rebecca Ascher-Welch).

The story of the Spider-Man befits all the teenagers who are in the stage when they begin to feel the real challenge of adolescence. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that adolescence comes with a feeling that one can do virtually everything. That is why the Spider-Man story is very relevant as it serves to warn them of possible disappointments (David Hughes).

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