Spin the Globe, Wherever It Lands That’s Where We’ll Go

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Spin The Globe, Wherever It Lands That’s Where We’ll Go

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There is this famous quote: “Spin the Globe, wherever it lands that’s where we’ll go”. Have you heard of it?

The earth is round and so does the culture revolve around the world. Culture is the only versatile concept which can be stolen and built across by the Humans. If you watch closely, as the migrants traveled across the world they left their identity universally. That surely is the beginning of culture, arts, values and religion. Culture not only defines about the above-mentioned states but also the tradition, ethics, manners and appearance.

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How often have we described a person by his nationality, behavior or been racist? Every narration about a place, name, peculiar things is directly associated with Culture.

Speaking about the beautiful values from the primitive age till date, cultures across the world are enormous. Looking up to the fine arts, history, religion, nature of people differentially varies. Right from the tribal culture to the elite class of society we often learn and adapt principles which impress us. We spread our cultures from the “land of the rising sun” till “the sun finally sets on sugarcane in Hawaii”, Asian, Australian, European, African and, lastly, American. The culture changes with every region. Their thoughts, food, dresses, countries, languages, habits etc.

The majority population follows Christianity in various genres. Partially Buddhism/ Hinduism and the other half support Islam and various others religion.

Cultures mainly fall under two categories, ethnocentrism, and endocentric form. Many countries can be divided with this factor. Now, what do you mean by these terms? Ethnocentric culture means evaluating other cultures according to the preconceptions originated by the other country and following the best practices. India is the best example who adopts the advanced cultures and flexibly adapt the foreign culture for their betterment.

So, how is endocentric different? These countries follow their traditions and cultures strictly without invading the native form. Countries like China, Fiji follow endocentric cultures to preserve their ethics.

Would you believe there are 6500 spoken languages across the world? Out of which 2000 have less than 1000 speakers.4200 diverse religions. Amongst 7.4 billion population, wherein nature holds closely is the spirit of Culture.

Many countries have a very eccentric culture. Some don’t mix up while others are polite, some are shrewd else they are timid. There countries who are powerful when compared to the weaker ones. Independent countries who are self-sufficient on a contradictory there are backward countries striving for the basic necessity of life.

The Idea is simple to connect with cultures for a better creative mind to unite. What if you look different? You have a different religion or vary with your color? Accept the wellbeing with comfort.

Diversification is the new gravitate

Many peeps don’t even give an occasion to inculcate the new culture. It’s such a shame against the mean world. This is the root cause of war and hardships. How often have we spoken to a stranger from a different country? Known their nations, philosophy. Without any interaction, we start assuming their behavior towards us which is completely wrong. It’s like judging the book by its cover.

Culture has led by many examples of friendship, kindness and humanity. It has been learnt from children and elders who teach simple ethics. It’s small positivity to bring about a change in you to adapt the best practice. Equality and loyalty is needed for world peace on a collective platform.

One must respect another with fraternity and disciplined life. What does this mean the person who disrespects another person creates a malicious environment of hatred.

Building relationship is very important in transparency without any personal values. A simple concept about mankind is “nobody is right and nobody is wrong”. Setting an example an American starts his conversation with a joke. A Japanese address by apologizing. An Indian would be flexible and down to earth to adapt to any change of cultural values of preferences and indifference in life. Cultural difference is only a perception in the brain to bring an end in benefitting the key success of diversity.

Summing up the culture in the widest range of values, carry an open mind to be springy with a new connection and welcoming the ethics and principles with a bliss. Exposed emotions and minimizing our assumptions and drawing its own results.

It is a magnificent feeling to see a day when the whole world reunites together without any insight towards sharing their beliefs with ease.

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