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Spirituality and Ethics: Their Connection to Life

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Spirituality is based on humanistic values while Ethics is based on moral principal. It has been know that spirituality can come from religious beliefs. The belief that everything you do is judged not by man but God himself, spiritually uses understanding to connect with the soul. Ethics questions that by making a person choose right from wrong, is an ideal that everything comes at a price. Everyone wants to be happy and wealthy but at what cost. Spirituality is also a discipline that places emphasis on practice- spirituality is something that we do when we see someone in need and decide to help that is called an act of kindness. Spirituality plays a key role in human development especially children (Ungvarsky, 2019, pg. 14). It demand that people nourish a sense of self and community. A community that depends on people to help navigate the world. If everyone was open-minded and didn’t care about money the world would be a great place. They also speak to the role that spirituality and ethics will increasingly play in the interest of human development in the environment. The changes produced by this would help with the issues that we face as a nation. When we think about leadership we think someone who is educated and open- minded to ideas. Ethical principles and practices pertaining to issues like poverty, diversity, and human development (Flunker, 2008, pg. 146). Increasing spirituality and ethical behavior by following particular guidelines.

We do this for the purpose of spiritual awakening not for judgment or criticism. Creating the intention that being good can have its rewards and we become aware of the times we put back into the environment. We consider each violation as an act of weakness due to fear and incompetence. In response we use the opportunity to show compassion and wisdom to gain parts of ourselves back. For many years we depended on these rules to make us better human beings. We learned religious beliefs, went to church, and even gave money. The thought that this would make us better people because we are afraid of judgement. It has made people lose sight of what it is like to be good or bad. We live in an evolving world and we too have to keep evolving as well. Everyone thinks that the key to survival is money because without it you are a failure. This has made the world chaos rather than peaceful because we all live our lives to the aspects of others always comparing. We live in a world where we are all fighting for survival and those who survive adapt. This change of thought would contribute to how we function as a united front. We are all dependent on one another when it comes to ethics we must include deep respect for all life because without this we don’t live.

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We make awful decisions as people like war, polluting, and corrupting. People brought spiritual beliefs into their everyday lives, as they sought ways to navigate the world. For others the purpose of life were the values, morals, and practices each individual use. Whether there is a religion component to a person’s spirituality or not, acts of kindness, charity, and often spiritual value (Rowan, 2018, pg. 224). They help achieve the meaning of fulfill the requirements of expressing love and respect. Some people find spiritual aspects from things such as art, music, and poetry. Regardless of how it is felt or expressed, aspects of spirituality appear to be necessary to a sense of well- being. Some scientist think that this tendency to believe in a higher power helps seek meaning of life. They belief that humans have a genetic code that desires for life to be not as simple as it is perceived. They think of it as being developed as an accompaniment to traits such as loyalty, kindness, and generosity (Flunker, 2008, pg. 164). Since these traits can be important to survival for people living in groups, they would pass those traits on to the future generations. We express each belief of divine truth to connect with other on a deeper level. We lack a sense of direction I believe that why we turn to something spiritual. We are determined to play an important role in the world by guiding others to help. Although the relationship between spirituality and ethics may not be straightforward it does have an effect on the decisions we make. Each person that we meet is somewhat apart of a life we live we just don’t know it yet. Researchers believed that spirituality has an effect on ethical issues by the choices we decide. Defining one’s right from wrong could be one of the most powerful decisions in a person’s life, these traits are directly tied to religious beliefs and faith in a higher power. Religion value these traits and encourage them as good a righteous behavior that pleases the divinity (Flunker, 2008, pg. 124).

In conclusion for others who do not hold a belief in a divine being, these traits can still be present, but may be valued because of a sense of worthiness, peace, happiness, or other satisfaction they bring. (Flunker, 2008, pg. 125). Regardless of whether person practices a religion, however, the degree to which he or she adheres to personal expectations for meeting these traits is thought to play a role in mental and emotional health, each of with can have an influence on physical health. (Brumet,2014, pg.2). Spirituality and Ethics plays apart in how people choose to live their lives. The role they play on how they want to be remembered regardless of their choices. Everyone wants happiness because of the satisfaction it brings. It holds an important place for most people because it guarantees a peaceful conscience. The word “spiritual” refers to an inner life, which is related in some way with humanistic psychology for reaching one’s potential (Roof,2003, pg.138). Though both ethics and spirituality has been approached differently scientist believe that there is a relationship between the two.


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