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Spirituality And Science Coexist

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There are a lot of destructive in toxic ideas hang from the concept of spirituality. This is because spirituality cannot be accessed through the 5 senses. My understanding of spirituality is that the life every individual has been given is a gift and what we do with it and how we respond to it matters. For instance, in a classroom, we will find learners asking the teacher why the appendix has no function in the human body. How does the skeleton contain some of the organs? Why the skin is also considered an organ? I think that a lot of scientists have derived from the term spiritual because they use hard facts rather than the heart language or spiritual language of which form part of more than the real truth.

To understand both science and spirituality we need to understand the terms we are working with both concepts. Science and spirituality are not working in opposition but they are both searching for the truth in different manners. They each name different aspects of the human experience. Spirituality also involves a person’s worldview and is connected to their self-awareness and eco-awareness. Science names internal aspects such as height, weight, gravitational pull, and electromagnetic forces. On the other hand spirituality names external aspects such as compassion, kindness, suffering loss etc. If we think about the 300 years of human history of the western world we have had an explosion of the age of certainty, scientific rationalism and above all, we have had an explosion of how the world really works. For many people, this linear scientific thinking has crowded out and stepped out on other ways of knowing things.

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In some cases, a learner in class may have a problem of coming to school with their homework not done and when you check with the particular learner you find out that he or she doesn’t get time to do their school work because when they get home they have to look after their siblings cook, clean, and look after the house till the parents get back from work late at night. As a teacher, you have to support the learner emotionally and academically. You will also have to see how the learner gets their homework done and how you will help the learner cope in class without the distraction from the situation the learner faces at home. When it comes to being supportive in these cases the lab, data or microscope are not helpful. So this is where spirituality comes in, where you sit with the learner, analyse their situation and think of strategies you will use to face the situation. As you sit and analyse the situation you are automatically using the spirituality method instead of the scientific method. In conclusion there are many different dimensions of exploring human experience. We are the modern group generation that looks for meaning in everything we do. Everything is driven by the desire to know the truth and in the end both spirituality and science meet and give meaning in one form.


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