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Sports has been part of every human society for a very long time. All over the world, every native community can at least point to one sport that is unique to their culture. As the world moves forward to become a global village, culture continues to be diluted and the diversity molded into one culture. As a result, some sports have been accepted all over the world; take soccer for instance.Sporting occasions have assumed essential parts in networks in the world all through history. Today, challenges pushing physical breaking points are more prevalent than any other time in recent memory. As enthusiasm for wellbeing and life span keeps on rising, and governments and organizations keep on seeing brandishing occasions as sound ventures, games will assume an indispensable part in the public eye for a long time to come. Sports is an essential social aspect in all levels of present day society, giving a vast effect on key regions of social life: it influences national relations, business life, economic wellbeing, mold shapes, moral qualities, individuals' way of life. In support of this thesis we can remember the quote of some athlete "... sports today is a major social factor, that is able to resist the invasion of cheap culture and bad habits." (Nicholson, 2008)

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Sports are simply are part of culture. We complain all the time about sportspeople being overpaid athletes but the truth is whether we like it or not we need them. Sports bring people together. Personally i believe it had a big part in ending racism. Imagine a few decades ago when white people didn't like blacks but then a black person joined your favourite sports team. You'll have to root for them. A lot of athletes have been so transcendant that their race is forgotten about. You see this a lot with boxers especially or any sports icon from back in the day e.g. Wilt chamberlain, Jim brown or even more recently with John Barnes who some of englands supporters used to throw bananas at but he was England's best player and they had no choice but to respect him. Another thing is that it gives people something to talk about. If I meet someone new tomorrow we can use sports as an icebreaker and form relationships from that. You hear it people say ‘'did you see the game last night” all the time.

Sports is a source of employment. The most obvious reason as to why sport is important in modern society is that it is a source of employment. The sports industry employs a lot of people, from the top paid sports person, to the janitor that washes the washroom in stadiums. Sports has created an ecosystem that can help people earn and be able to live a happy life. Entertainment. The whole point of being into sports in these modern days is because of its entertainment value. It is common for people to subscribe to sports cable TV, or buy tickets to a game just to get some entertainment out of it. Entertainment is very important to humans, and sports is a good way to get it. Part of our social life. Humans are social by nature, and when socializing, it is common to talk about things that are interesting to a given social group. For instance, at work or school, during a break, you will find groups of people talking about sports, hence promoting socialization. Teaches the importance of rules. The best place to learn about law and order is sports. Without rules and order, sports like Soccer, Rugby, or even ping pong would be impossible to play. This is one of the top reasons as to why sports is important in modern society.

Sports are also a source of joy for many and for extreme fans is what gives them their ‘high’. In football matches you see people celebrating with anyone who's simply wearing the same jersey as them all the time. Sports teams are like families to a lot of people. Sports stories involving the underdog winning give people hope eg Leicester winning the premier league or to go further back that seabiscuit the racehorse winning the race of the century during the great depression inspired the whole nation in a way noone else could. Seabiscuit winning that race probably gave people hope that they were go to make it through the worst economic period in American history. Another point is look at the number of athletes who make it out of poverty and hard times that play in the NBA or NFL now. Other children in similar positions can watch them and hope to be like them rather than turning to crime and gangs.

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