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Sport Betting and Gambling as a Multi Billion Business

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It is not a secret that sport betting and gambling is a multi billion dollar business and in one way or the other we participate in any form of sport betting. The global market of online betting on sports only in 2016 amounted to 45.86 billion dollars and it continues to grow. As a kid or grown up adult up there’s always a tendency of loving one sport than the other, supporting one sporting club or having a favorite player. As for me, my favorite sport is football, my favorite club is Barcelona and my favorite player is Messi, there are so many times that I have placed bet on my club and my favorite player.

These are activities that has become part of our daily existence and the influence of sport in bringing us together cannot be downplay.The Internet has made sporting activities more easier for all stakeholders of the industry, with the help of the Internet you can live stream your favorite game on your mobile phone and also place your bet on it, anywhere you are so far there is Internet connection but there is another distruptive Internet technology with a potential to make sport betting and gambling more inclusive and transparent and this is what the project am sharing aim to use to revolutionize the Internet world of the sports industry.

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Bitgoals- an innovative blockchain based decentralized platform which plans to bring or sport activities together and provide an inclusive transparent service for all stakeholders in the industry.Bitgoals team members are experts in sport and gaming industry and they know the critical problems facing the industry which can only be solved with the innovative blockchain technology and smart contract.With smart contract, Bitgoals will ensure trust, fairness, speedy transactions, security and transparency and create an oportunity for fans to use an anonymous platform without any hidden charges and restrictions to place their bet for their favorite games, and players.

The platform will also offer its users an opportunity to buy sporting activities materials like buying ticket for a sporting event, purchasing of an official club products and sponsoring of a sporting event. As I said before, the platform will support almost all popular sports and leagues and it will be accessible to everyone without any geographical restrictions.Bitgoals will also offer a set of pre-built modules that cover all sporting activities and with Bitgoals tools, deveopers and companies can assemble a selection of pre-built modules and build their own custom applications.

In addition, Bitgoals includes the provision of external module development by the community.Bitgoals platform will be powered by an ERC20 compliance utility token on Ethereum blockchain called STP token. All transactions will be based on this STP token.All bets are placed in STP and all winnings are paid out in STP as well as any kind of development, bonus, incentive and reward are paid using STP tokens.Bitgoals is a worldwide sports blockchain platform with one currency for all sports. If you think you know sports, use your sport knowledge to mine exclusive and all inclusive sports currency.


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