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Sport With a Primary Function Of Entertainment Can Cause Hurt

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There are many sports world wide, thousands of teams and players, fans and viewers who tune in for that short burst of adrenaline and entertainment, yes, entertainment. Sports are played to entertain viewers. Those who live and die on the results of their favourite teams need a desperate reminder of this. Being a spectator is not supposed to be such a serious matter, unfortunately for some, watching their chosen sport can have its consequences. Whether it’s a riot after a loss, drunken fights in a bar or friends falling out over a result, the games can be quite costly. However, for those who are able to enjoy the wonders of the games, congratulations, we applaud you!Sports serve as a release, a distraction and escape from real life and the problems that plague us.

For just a few hours every now and then we can concentrate on the actions of athletes on the field of battle rather than worrying about the cat’s fleas or the pile of overdue paperwork lingering in the back of our minds. That’s the beauty of it, the sweet escape… and it’s a bonus when our beloved teams lift a trophy! Losses can be hard to deal with, but there will always be another chance. If the pain is that unbearable, maybe try meditating? My cherished sport is football, being part of a fan base and cheering my team consumes my Saturdays and it’s what I look forward to during the week. I am a fan, but I won’t start a fight if I lose a bet or if our star striker sees red. In my opinion, many are overly passionate and violence on the basis of a game is not necessary. You wouldn’t go to the cinema and as soon as the credits roll turn around and hit the bloke in isle H!Some recent examples of violence include the clashes between the England and Russia fans during the 2016 Euros. There were huge brawls in the stadium and on the streets of Marseille following the 1-1 draw between the teams. It was stated that 150 Russian hooligans were flown over to France with six arrested and many injured.

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According to a BBC report English fans “tried to run away” and the FA condemned the violence saying that they were “very disappointed by the terrible scenes of disorder”. This event caused much controversy with many coming to the conclusion that the Russian fans were trying to become footballs most feared Hooligans. At this point the motive for violence drifts away from the support of the team and becomes a race to the top of the podium for the most intimidating. There are countless cases of hooliganism throughout the years of the game and this is not what football is about. Another example of the extent of the violence caused by fans is “English footballs forgotten tragedy”, the Heysel Stadium disaster. This act of violence occurred in 1985 when Liverpool fans travelled to Italy for the European cup final. It is said that 39 people died and many more injured as the visitors charged at the Juventus stands, causing chaos and mass brawls. This tragedy led to all English football clubs being banned and those found guilty of manslaughter were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. This disaster was described as “the darkest hour in the history of UEFA competitions”.

Once again this disaster shows how a simple sport with a primary function of entertainment can cause such hurt. Personally I believe the consequences of these events should have been much more severe and served for a longer duration. Actions such as these take the joy and anticipation out of the game, many people are “scared and intimidated” when travelling to stadiums and are unable to feel the rush and atmosphere of the live games. We need to let go of these petty fights and arguments over something that can bring so much excitement! The rush can be shared every week, in every tournament and around the world if fans will let go and allow themselves to be entertained, that’s what sport is here for!


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