Attributes and Stylization in Women's Sportswear


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On the wave of popularity of practical clothes, a special recognition was given to the sport style. Thematic elements and things that have completely converted into a women’s wardrobe from narrow-profile outfits become key in the formation of fashionable and at the same time ambiguous images. We’ll figure out what are the main differences between things in the sports style from clothes for fitness, and how to benefit from using both in your wardrobe. Features of images in the subject of sports chic The main principle that guides designers when creating women’s clothing in a sporting style is preserving the shape elements , but the outfit is not suitable for training. The main tools that cause true associations from the image are:

  • large prints with numbers;
  • logos of brands and teams;
  • short slogans, including famous companies;
  • a combination of refined and high-tech materials;
  • characteristic for sports suits fittings and cut elements;
  • contrasting and bright combinations of shades, as well as other details.

Usually one item does not have more than a couple of such attributes, but they are enough to make the mind unerringly take the thing to the sport-chic style, without even being able to formulate exactly what influenced such an assessment. The rules are leveled, strict frames are broken, and completely new and ambiguous principles come into their place. The style was formed and accumulated bright elements for many years in order to eventually take from them the most valuable and create a completely new direction, the use of which is appropriate even in office images. Recognizable elements of sports style Famous preppy with semi-sportive bombers, fans of aerobics with headbands, leggings and leggings, hip-hop musicians with their dimensionless T-shirts and hoodies laid the foundation of the sport style in its urban interpretation. Over time, shoes and clothes for professionals, for example, the legendary anoraks from the Italian brand “Napapiri” , also joined here.

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Designers found a new field for work and began to combine a simple cut with a sporty, and practical fabrics with the most luxurious. Top options For cool weather, very cozy and cozy hoodies, switshots and Olympics will come in handy. Ideal for those who prefer to dress “in one layer.” They are especially relevant in the wake of the popularity of over-sighting. Designers flirt when creating these products, not only with a wide cut, but also with trendy elongated sleeves that can completely close the brush to the fingertips. Sport-chic implies the possibility of wearing such a tight top not only with fashionable momen jeans, but also with skirts: tight knit pencils or long pleated models. Shoes on the heel here can only organically fit the most sophisticated women, so for the first experiments, stop on trendy semi-sport shoes white or non-colored, silver finish is useful.

Those who do not think the spring image without a jacket, fit bombers and Olympians. Thin and practical, they will serve as an excellent addition to sports images or costumes in the power of Kazhual, adding a daring note to them. Look great with jeans, laconic skins, straight knitted skirts to the knees or dresses from a similar material. But all this does not mean that we will have to give up feminine things. At the fashion shows are models that only hint at the sporting style. An excellent example can serve as a shortened shirt, the bottom of which is sewn and keeps above the belt of trousers with the help of thin rubber puffs on metal locks. This is nothing more than a variation of the kuliska for the familiar windbreakers.

Lowercase options One of the most popular elements of style has always been leggings , but this season they are not too much in demand. You can follow the example of Rihanna and switch to more sporting options, but they need to be worn exclusively on the street – no training. It is desirable that the material is first-class, and the brand is recognizable. This will contribute to a new shocking trend on highly visible logos. Wear with bright sports shoes: in the fashion of gold and silver trim. If frankly sports things seem too out of place for you, pay attention to a combination of two trends: palazzo pants and lanterns.

Unambiguous stripes on the side of the pants, stretching from the waist down to the very bottom, easily convert the flowing summer trousers into a fashionable style. With such a decor, the sneakers on the high platform, sneakers and other topical shoes on a flat course become automatically appropriate. Stylized can be not only long pants. Ideal for the summer heat will be narrow knee breeches or shorter and wider shorts called Bermuda. Add to the bright model a black and white T-shirt with contrasting volumetric figures, sneakers on a high platform of the same color, thin beanies, and your practical image in a sporting style is ready.

Solid Images

The theme of light bulbs, puffs on thin elastic bands, numeral prints and other elements can be continued with stylized classic trouser suits with a jacket or jacket and dresses in a sports spirit:

  • dense hoodies to the knees and lower for windy days;
  • thin knitted dresses in the floor with or without a sleeve in warm weather;
  • Fashion, stylized for elongated T-shirts from the men’s sports uniform.
  • Fantasize, because the classic cut allows you to wear even heels with them. But high shoes do not mean that you are limited to thin glasses or a hairpin.
  • To create a sports image, it is not necessary to use workouts and a sweatshirt.
  • With the help of thematic decor and elements you will be able to form a fashionable set, at first glance reminiscent of the classics, but in reality it is an excellent example of an outfit in the style of sport-chic.
  • Use minimalism, laconic color, lightning, mesh, laces, kulisks and other elements. Subjects do not have to “shout , it can be read out through silhouettes and accents.
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