Spring as the Perfect Time for the Wedding

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  • Wedding Invitations
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  • Wedding Favors

Spring time is the best time in having a wedding because is the most romantic time of the year and the most popular too. This season gives the wedding a romantic theme, especially when flowers are blooming and the sun is shining on your happiest day. You can use fabrics that imitate floral motives to underline the theme spring in your wedding. Usually are used shades of pink, lilac, blue, green or yellow, soft colors with fun prints instead of dark colors and heavy fabrics.

At the end of your ceremony you got to have prepared baskets full of little flowers instead of the traditional rice. If you’re having a beautiful weather you can take advantage of it and have an amazing outdoor spring wedding in a blossomed garden. Now we present you how to create your magical spring wedding. Here are some spring wedding ideas:

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Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations printed in floral motives, you just have to use your imagination to create a perfect invitation.


To create a beautiful image to your wedding you can mix up seasonal fruits with flowers. Tulips are the stars in this time of year and they give your wedding a touch of elegance if you use them in your floral decorations. If you want to have a romantic spring wedding use anemones. An original mix can be made of aromatic herbs with perfumed bouquets and it creates a vibrant image. If you have no idea of your wedding bouquet you can go simply original with fuchsia pink anemones or inspiring colors of flowers by hair color ideas.


To make your spring wedding original you can make a unique cocktail by putting strawberries at the bottom of the glasses and then fill them with champagne with platters of strawberries near. Your main course can be of fresh vegetables like baby carrots, asparagus or green peas.

Wedding Cake

A spring wedding needs a fruit filled cake covered with crystallized fruit. Another great option idea is using cupcakes with pink cream fondant and topped with berries.

Wedding Favors

You can have as an inspiration theme Easter, and so you can fill up some vases for the guests with colored almonds of different fillings. Put some paper cones with your initials on them around the vases and let the guests choose their favorite flavors. If your spring wedding is kept in a garden you can make as favors for the guests potted aromatic plants or herbs.

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