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Spring break is the time we all so eagerly await while at school. This means that, when the day comes and spring break begins, we will be able to relax ... and rewind without homework, coursework, classes, and studying. Surely, there will be come academic tasks that will still pop onto your schedule before the new semester begins, but spring break is definitely a good period in a student’s life. Many spend this period with their friends, traveling, or spending some quality time with their family. Chances are, you’ll be assigned several spring break essays during your school years. Professors will use the opportunity to ask you about your break as soon as the new year or semester begins. This is an engaging topic to write on and it shows your creative side. It doesn’t even have to be a post-break assignment, really. Very often, professors assign an essay task asking ‘what are your plans for spring break’. This means that you’ll need to write about what you plan to do, where you plan to go, and what you wish to accomplish before the break ends and the new semester begins. There are many ways to approach this essay, which is why it is so challenging for many students. Every experience is different, and there are many ways to tackle your own. You probably did many things during your spring break or plan tons of things, but you can’t delve into detail about every little thing because of the limited word count and obviously – your limited time. So, you need to decide what you’ll write about, how you’ll write about it, whether or not you are happy or sad about your experiences. There are plenty of essay ideas when it comes to papers on this topic ranging from plans to personal experiences to expectations to disappointments. Thankfully, on this site you can find writing examples for all kinds of spring break essays. You’ll read some spring break essay examples from students that shared their plans for the weeks that follow, as well as plenty of nice and bad experiences for how their break went. This is supposed to be an amazing time from the moment it begins and for some, it is. These students struggle with choosing what to write about, what to focus on, and how to tell their story. Should they make it a motivational essay or get really creative with the story? Should they omit some parts or generally describe their entire vacation? Who will they mention in the essay and how will they explain the person to the audience? The questions are endless, which makes every paragraph writing a real challenge. There are, of course, those cases where students didn’t spend their vacation as they wanted. Something went wrong, they had a bad time or a bad experience. These students need to decide if they’ll share the bad experiences or skip them, if they want to delve into them and get a message out of those experiences, etc. Your spring break essay can go in any direction, which is what makes it so complicated to write. It can be sad if something bad happened, educational if you learned something from the experience or a creative, positive story based on the great time you had. If you struggle to choose or tell your story the right way, go through the samples here to see how others tackled this assignment. Remember – this is a unique experience of your own, so you need to be creative based on your story. Even so, you can use these samples to outline your essay or get some idea of how to handle your story.
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