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SpringRole: Platform For Profile Verification

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Events after the global financial crisis of 2009 proved that many are fed up with paid jobs. Freelancing across many sectors such as writing had held sway before the crisis and only geared up after the recession seemed over.

Professional networks and platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork had been hub for freelancers and clients seeking for immediate service rendering and delivery. The good side of this approach is the opportunity it offered professionals to work at their pace and at agreed sums. As it is, professionals earn more from working virtually than in physical work environments dominated by working hours. There are however problems in the professional industry.

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Cyber crimes are increasing by the day. People often regard phishing and illegal access to online accounts as the main channels of cyber crimes. Falsification of data should as a matter of urgency get declared a cyber crime. With the tag, tackling the problem will be easier.

This is an insight to what goes on in professional networks. Professionals in their bid to present themselves as viable candidates for a project modify their profiles. The aim is to get their profile and data patterned to the requirements of the client and in the long run, land the job.

The weight of this attitude is denial of yourself and exploitation of clients. Clients who fall victim of such supposed professionals end up licking their wounds because they get low-quality completed jobs at the end.

What benefit will you derive claiming what you’re not just to get a job that you might not even handle accurately? This issue had been lingering in existing professional networks and so far, there has been no remedy. To make it harder, these platforms have nothing in place to curtail the problem.

The era is perhaps coming to an end as there’s a platform in the offing. This platform validates your data before you get access to jobs on its platform.

A Great Project

SpringRole is the name of this iconic project. Professionals have been reaping from where they ought not to because of falsified data. Professionals who ought to be on the frontline of such projects don’t get access to it because they played the good boy card and refused falsifying their data.

SpringRole is here to return what’s due to such professionals. The platform is powered by trust-based protocol and facilitated by the blockchain. It does not stop at verifying your data but also extends its scope to developing a professional network such as what we see on LinkedIn and Upwork.


The team behind SpringRole never knew you. They don’t know your educational nor professional background. You might then wonder how they’ll track your data. The answer lies in the logic two heads are better than one.

SpringRole is forming partnerships with relevant institutions such as universities and other professional networks. The moment you key in your institution, such university if available on the platform at the moment, will pop up and verify your entered data.

Same applies tom professional networks. There are thousands of professional on LinkedIn whose profiles suggest working on top professional sites such as Fiverr. Unlike Upwork, LinkedIn and Fiverr that have no measures to verify your data on their platform, SpringRole makes sure your data is correct and it achieves this by bringing such platforms into its ecosystem to do so.

In its functionality, SpringRole is concerned with two concepts: verification and attestation. You’re verified by platforms suggested in your data and after collating your data and finding its correspondence with what they have on their database, they make their observations known after which SpringRole attaches such data to your profile.

Platforms that are featured on SpringRole’s ecosystem with regards to data verification and authentication will be drawn from skills, education and work. These are the key places one might have worked or attained experience and SpringRole is set to use them to the maximum.

Most importantly, SpringRolem will propagate its activities through the blockchain. As I said earlier, the platform will also function as a professional network. Through its intelligent algorithm, you get paired with professional within your cadre.

Bottom Line

SpringRole is aboard to weed out the bad eggs that pollute the sanity of professional networks. By saving clients the stress of contacting multiple platforms listed by a professional for verification purposes, SpringRole became a one-stop platform that brings the trio of clients, professionals and third-parties such as educational and work platforms into its ecosystem. These third-parties help both the platform and clients identify true professionals with accurate records.

Allocation of Tokens

Token Information

Code Name: SPRING

Token Standard: ERC 20

Total Supply: 10 billion

Exchange Rate: 1 SPRING= $0.0097 USD

Soft Cap: $1 million USD

Hard Cap: $12 million USD

Accepted: Ethereum

Country of Registration: USA

Restricted Areas: South Sudan, Central African Republic, Yemen, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, China, Congo, Cuba, Crimea Region, South Korea, Lebanon.


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