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In the employment world today, there are so many fake job seekers, in fact, they are always being mistaken for the real ones out there. A lot of times, employers discover that the skills recruited employees have, don’t match with the exaggerated resume they usually present as their profiles. This led to the realization that some do fake their work experience profile so as to get bigger pay jobs. However, those with a real profile are being affected as there is no way to distinguish between them, thus leaving them with no job opportunity. In a bid to create a balance, SPRINGROLE established its community that brings all Job seekers together to address the persistent issues.

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This project represents a community where professional job profiles are created and managed to ensure qualified people get the jobs they deserve and are rewarded for displaying their personal profile on the network. It is inclined to establishing a business demeanor between all the participants or users of the network. Its main focus will be on business interactions and a way to get employees hooked up with the kind of expert they need for the smooth running of their companies. So people who hope to scale higher in there careers will be exposed to great opportunities through this network that offers profit for handling their professional profiles. With this system, there is hope for people with great profiles because there will be utmost transparency in the system.

This network allows users to upload or add their personal profile to their account on the platform. The details of the platform will include the educational background, work experience, skills acquired and some other relevant data which are useful. The system however does the work of verification of the provided profiles, so as to validate their authenticity.

This system allows sincere users to be rewarded and exposed to many job opportunity they deserve while protecting their profiles from being corrupted or stolen.

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