Staff Competencies: Core: Ensure Accountability


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It is responsibility’s workers complete own responsibilities that assigned by organization. Perform their duties in their proper shifts and achieved their goal. If goal are not fulfilled & function of employment are not perform accurately after that workers will be accountable for production by outcome.

  • Labor law and International civil liberties force Pakistan’s administration make sure
    Those employees’ rights are respected and those have rights to use to pay compensation when abuse occurs. Employment departments are tasked in four provinces among implementing law to check work setting plus have power to start enforcement achievement.
  • Pakistan’s worker assessment mechanism has been fully ineffective along with subject of numerous dishonesty allegation
    Through estimation almost two years ago five hundred forty seven worker inspectors for over thirty five thousand institute approximately in state. Just seventeen women involved. Women forms 30 percent workforce within textile sector through one estimate by the media house Geo, face exceptional favoritism at every stage of the service procedure include during appointment, promotion and fired up.
  • Several factory build practical place of work attend to the requirements of women employees, particularly of expecting women.

solitary deal union leader told human rights:

  • In Karachi, only two female employees’ inspectors for the entire city out of total around 200- 225 employees inspectors. Women employees are extremely unwilling talk about sexual harassment and their other personal problems with male government official.
  • Pakistani Law the major duty for protecting civil rights.
    Factory owner are responsible for that. All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) and the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PRGMEA) take step for worker protection & worker rights.
  • Some industrial owners carry political pressure within Pakistan that affects the area & violating workplace human rights, safety & health provisions.
    Both domestic & International companies that manufacture clothes & new products are answerable for right and safety of worker & offer all facilities & do not violate the norms.
  • In United nation guiding principles on business & civil rights owners’ institute that buy their yield also have tasks to check civil rights.
  • All business must stay away from cause or causative to unfavorable civil rights impact throughout their own actions and tackle such impact while they take place. And seek to prevent unfavorable human civil rights impact are openly associated to their operation services or products by their company relationships even if they have not supply those force. In Pakistan many national and global companies with business activities are not meeting responsibilities

Steps for Improve Accountability

  • Have difficult conversation.
  • Address the poor performance as soon as possible.
  • Consider your employees’ feeling.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Follow up.

Denying Wages and Benefits:

  • Every industrial unit of country wanted to record in the company of both provincial SSI and the EOBI.
  • The industrial unit provides its worker regardless categorization b/w SSI & EOBI cards.
  • Sometime human rights were not registered its employees.
  • There are some institutes that use “contract workers” with least benefits and wages plus retirement fund and health. These people face problem because their record maintain informally and this is not registered with any government department.


  • Rehana, she is worker in a factory in Karachi:
  • Usman Ali, joined a Pakistani brands:
  • Employees those working at a “per piece” are also unsatisfied:
  • Shabana, working in a factory in Lahore told Human Rights:
  • Female workers from factories in Lahore and Karachi faced problem: who are forced to job over-time here the evenings also said they have difficulties travelling back home due toward be short of transport plus security concerns.

According to employee in Karachi: she is working in industrial unit form past 16 years. Joined this industrial unit when 12 years old. She is doing stitching work and her salary 14,000 rupees. Her normal work shift is 12 hours with a 30-45 minute lunch break. She always working extra hours but there is no payment for extra time. Sunday is on for working if someone refuses then fired up.The administration say there is no overtime because payment is based on production targets and not hours.

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Unhappy Employees and High Turn Over

  • Unhappiness at work.
  • Un-satisfaction with pay and benefits.
  • Lack of appreciation.
  • Poor leadership skills.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of opportunities.
  • Lack of resources.
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