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Stalin in the Second World War

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Stalin in World War 2

Winston Churchill provokes Russia: “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” It was September 1939 World War 2 just started and the Soviet Union was one of the best powers in the world. At first it was on the Axis powers but then the Soviet Union later joined the allies. Stalin the dictator was their leader.

The soviets take power in Russia

Lenin and the soviet union revolt against the tsars.The soviets succeed, lenin and stalin share power.Lenin dies, stalin is the only one who remains in power. Later stalin and hitler make a peace treaty in WW2, hitler broke it and Stalin joins the Allies.

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Russia eliminates its enemies

Before hitler broke the peace treaty by invading soviet countries, he and stalin attacked poland and many other european countries. They divided the countries they conquered in half and shared it.When hitler broke the treaty and attacked russia, stalin joined the allies and declared war on him. Hitler was getting the upper hand at first, but when he invaded stalingrad the whole war went upside down.In the battle of stalingrad, it was winter. The nazis didn’t pack for winter so they got frostbite. Stalin’s troops killed the germans with ease and began pushing them back. Stalin had won hitler.

BloodBath occurs in Russia

The social effects of this glorious win was not so glorious. Millions of people died and most of them weren’t remembered. The good social effects were people in the whole world celebrating because the nazis were finally defeated.

Communism Overpowers Monarchy

The political effects of World War 2 in russia were the money running low, and the government forcing everyone to worship stalin. They were also forced to believe in communism. But there is also a good side. The city now selled actual food that didn’t smell or taste bad. Russia was up and running again, just like the old days.

Innovation is focused on weapons

The intellectual effects of the soviet union were the upgrades on the weapons and the nuclear weapons. The soviets focused on the weapons, not everyday objects so their country was a little bit behind.

Tragedies after World War 2 in Russia

The long term effects of World War 2 was a lot of deaths, food loss, and waste of money. Weapons and bullets were wasted. And the soldiers who survived suffered from war damage.


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