Stand and Deliver: the Story of the Teacher James Escalante

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Passion is the wind blowing in the sails, without sails, the boat can not run; Passion is the fuel of the rocket, without fuel, the rocket cannot fly to the blue sky. Life has taught us that inspiration can create immortal art and passion can create extraordinary achievements. It is just like in the article “Following My Bliss on Foot”, the author Annie Howells believed that “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion'. People who lack enthusiasm and passion for life and work are easily affected by their own pessimistic mood, which makes them lose confidence and become depressed. Sometimes, opportunities and wealth are within reach of them, but due to the interference of bad emotions, they will let opportunities and wealth slip away. Psychologist Stephen Covey once warned that “people's attitude towards life is the most magical power in the world. When they go into life and work with enthusiasm, passion and hope, they can elevate themselves to a higher level. Conversely, a negative attitude with disappointment, resentment and pessimism can destroy a person.” Stand and Deliver is a movie that truly shows the importance of passion. This movie is about a teacher, Jaime Escalante, who has a passion for teaching and believes that when you give it “ganas” the Spanish word for desire, anything is possible. He tries to defy those that are pessimistic or lack confidence because he believes in the power of determination and “ganas” or desire.

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The students are primarily Latinos, so in a sense, they have already been judged as not being smart, but they end up proving everyone wrong. Passion is a kind of strong desire, it can make you do something great as Jaime Escalante did, but his passion almost cost his life. Even so, he didn’t give up on his students and inspired them to strive for better lives through education. True passion requires action. Without action, passion will never yield valuable results. Steven Palmer in his article “Follow Your Bliss(ters)” cited that “Passion does not trigger commitment. Commitment triggers passion. Feelings follow actions. So make a choice. Commit without hesitation. Take action. Once you do, passion will explode like a flame, giving you energy and lighting your way.” Traveling is the passion of my life. Traveling is not only about scenery, but also about social customs, social culture and a deeper understanding of life. Traveling makes my ordinary life colorful and full of passion. Whether it is the pressure of work or the troubles between family and friends, travelling can provide me with an opportunity to calm my mind and look at the problem from another angle, so that making my family relationships stronger. It gives me a target for my life. It makes my time more meaningful, and best of all, it makes my world richer.

It was hard to find something I could call a passion in my life. My hobbies are only “hot” for a few minutes. It is easy to be attracted by a thing out of curiosity, but after understanding how superficial it really is,I would quickly pull away. This is not called passion. I've always envied people who have passion in their lives and how they devote themselves entirely to that passion. It always feels like they're shining in the moment of concentration. In the article 'Following My Bliss on Foot', Annie Howells said that 'life seemed flat, at least as far as finding passion was concerned. Obviously I had to do some soul searching to find my bliss.' Eventually she discovered that her passion was simple and that walking could make her happy. Also, Annie Howells in her article “Following My Bliss on Foot” believed that 'If you have ever felt such tremendous enthusiasm and desire for something that you would gladly spend all your waking hours working on it, that you would happily do it without pay, then you have found your passion.' My passion was discovered like that. When I was a child, my father often went to other places for business trips. He liked to bring back local specialties and pictures taken in local scenic spots. I also followed my father to a lot of places, and from then on, I started to love travel. My first trip was to Qingdao with my parents. 

At that time, I did not understand the meaning of travel or how exciting it could be. But it was at that time that I first fell in love with the feeling that the trip brought to me. My body was tired, but my mind was relaxed. Different customs and cultures and different landscapes were so stimulating and expanding that they made me more determined to see the world with my own eyes. I like to travel as much as I like to eat good food. It's addictive. Later, when I went to college, I gradually became independent and began to travel independently instead of relying on my parents for guidance. I went to many places in China and felt full of interest every time I started. Besides, the admiration of my classmates when they looked at the photos I took, made me even more interested in traveling. Later, I took my classmates on several trips. What impressed me most was camping on Hui-Hang ancient road. Several students carried tents, sleeping bags and other things and climbed the mountain for a whole day. Every time I was the one planning the route, strategy and other things, so the students said that to go out with me, they are only responsible for playing. We've been to a lot of places in China and talked to a lot of local people, which helped me understand how much travel can affect one's vision and perspective.  

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