Dealing with Corruption in South Africa

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  • Introduction
  • Afriforum
  • Amabhungane
  • NPA
  • Conclusion


The capturing of the state in South Africa has become the culture through many things such as tender corruption, employment corruption. South African authorities tried to rip corruption with its roots but they failed hence corruption is growing in each and every day in South Africa.

The commission of inquiry into state capture will investigate whether President Jacob Zuma government ministers or staff from state -owned entities were involved in awarding unlawful tenders to Gupta family.

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The Gupta family that originally from India but came to South Africa in 1994 that has this scandal wrapped around them. They own many things in this country such as shares in every mine in South Africa, Eskom, airport, agriculture and other companies. They used to own one the media companies The New Age and, mail and guardian and TV challenge ANN7.


Afriforum is one of the authorities that tried to fight state capture in our country. They challenged Jacob Zuma rule on state capture inquiry says an article from Eyewitness News (14 February 2018).

Afriforum aimes to bring private prosecutions of cases in the public interest and said on Tuesday it had filed an application at the constitutional court on Friday to set aside that clause, which termed “unlawful and unconstitutional an article from Eyewitness.


Amabhungane is one the best investigative team in South African journalism. Invesigative journalism is a type of journalism that requires thoroughly investigation,time and resources because for one to publish a particular story a sensitive story or corruption story for example needs facts not speculations.

Amabhungane has seen evidence of a quarter of a billion rands-apparent kickbacks for contracts at state owned- companies.The evidence was revealed that suggested that therer is substance to the oft-whispered claim that the Guptas leverage their political connectively to extract kickbacks from others doing business with the state.

Banks records show how that over the course of just six months in late 2014 and early 2015,about 190 million washed from Homix (pty) ltd ,a letterbox company exposed last year in a kickback scandal involving Neotel.

Amabhungane team licked the Gupta emails that were speculating in the whole country, The Gupta emails were about many things and one the things was about the former president Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma having a house at Dubai which on later stage he is said those were only the speculations, the house was of his son and he will never the states’s money to buy a house in another country. In 2107 the Gupta leaks revealed how at least R30m paid to the Guptas via funding the family’s lavish Sun City wedding in 2013.


NPA also tried to investigate this state capture that is happening in South Africa. Manaka explained that the investigation into state capture was prosecution-guide. Abrahams assigned a team of prosecutors to the investigation.

NPA asked if former president Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma is also wanted , Matakata said the Hawks never made such a pronouncement. After National Congress MP Leonard Ramatlakane suggested that the committee have a joint meeting with the portfolio committee on Justice to get answers from the NPA he also said the NPA must be accountable. NPA also said they did not have a warrant to arrest Jacob Zuma at that time. Article from News24 (28-02 -2018).

The farm was gifted to the Gupta-linked Estina in 2003 under a tree 99-year by Free State agriculture department for an empowerment . Parliament has officially handed over the evidence it gathered during its inquiry into the alleged capture of Eskom by the Guptas to the judicial commission of inquiry headed by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo.

This is according to senior ANC MP and National Assembly house chairperson responsible for committees Cedric Frolick who was speaking in the Assembly during the debate on Parliament’s budget for the 2018/2019 financial year. Former auditor general Terence Nombembe who is now the lead investigator of the judicial inquiry into the state capture.

Nthuthuzelo Vanara, the evidence leader of the Eskom inquiry whose life was threatened and who was offered a bribe to quash the inquiry. The report further recommends that transnet lay criminal charges against Sharma with the SA Police Service (SAPS) AND REPORT him as Deliquent director in terms of the companies act.


In conclusion, I can say the South African justice did not try enough to bring people who were involved in state capture into prosecution. Afriforum tried their best to put pressure on the committee by starting a campaign against the former president Jacob Zuma. Hawks also did their best and ended up charging cousin of the Gupta brothers. Amabhungane investigated the whole thing and leaked the emails. Lastly Advocate Thuli Madonsela is the one who came with this information about state capture in South Africa.

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