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State of the Nation Address (SONA) is done yearly and the president’s speech is the most awaited part of the event. Traditionally the content of the speech is all about the accomplishments along the year that had passed and a bunch of plans for the year ahead.

President Duterte talks a lot of issues regarding the country such as the war on drugs, human rights, environmental rehabilitation, corruption, Bangsamoro Organic Law, Endocontractualization, Train Law and the price of rice. The highlight of his speech is the issue towards the war on drugs. He said that it is far from over and the war will not be sidelined instead it will be relentless and chilling. The president also said that even people know the consequences of using illegal drugs, still, they continue doing what they do.

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The president also claimed that he values human lives, and the meaning of human rights to him is giving the Filipinos a sufficient and dignified future by giving what they need to live a better life. He also asserts that he is concerned both the present and the future, and he will not allow the crimes to widespread during his term because he knows what a crime can do to the youth.

He also discussed the termination of corruption because it has a lot of pessimistic outcomes. He said that corruption destroys the reputation of other innocent and dedicated government workers. And when the times come that these traitorous government workers will be caught, the decision of punishment will be left to the public. He acknowledges the Congress for the immediate progress of Ease of Doing Business Act which also helps to eliminate corruption and focus on the improvements of services. He also added that Filipinos deserves a rightful, efficient, and responsive government services. He says that he has friends and political supporters but he will not favor them being associated with various illegal crimes. He also added that he values friendship but it has restrictions.

He also enumerates the issues of Mindanao such as the Bangsamoro Organic Law, Mindanao as ‘’The Land of the Promise’’ and the ISIS Terrorist happened. He said that he will approve the Bangsamoro Organic Law for the next 48 hours so that he can reread it to avoid harming other people.

The next issues that he mentions were connected outside the country. President Duterte proudly reports the current relationship of the Philippines to the other countries. Our country has stronger bonds with the ASEAN countries and there is an improvement in relation to China. He also recognizes the heroism of Filipino migrant workers who are willing to do everything for their family. He also expresses his gratitude to them as they greatly contribute to the national growth.

Through the Executive Order, 51 signed by the president last May, about more than 300,000 workers have their regularization because of the Endo campaign. Besides Endo, he also mentioned the farmers and the telecommunication services of the country. He wants the Congress to summon the committee and talks about informing the Coconut Farmers’ Trust Fund and regarding the telecommunication services and interconnection rates, president’s administration persists to search for a solution. The president also mentioned his approval regarding the Tertiary Education Act and the increased salary of the soldiers and policemen.

About Boracay rehabilitation, he said that this is just the beginning of improving the environment. The destruction of the natural environment and the disasters experienced by the country leads to proposing to implement the National Land Use Act and the Department of Disaster Management to avoid the continuous ruination of our environment. The conservation of the environment, as well as the natural resources, must be the top priority of the government for the natural safety of its people. He also reminds the mining industry to be responsible for what they doing, they should not destroy the environment because he said that it is the same as destroying the future of the incoming generation.

A lot of Filipinos demand to stop the TRAIN Law but the president said he couldn’t, because through the funds of it, better roads and bridges were built, there is also an improvement regarding education and health services, and it enhances the safety and security of a great number of Filipinos. He also observed that a large number of businesses are still taking advantage of making more money. In this situation, the president asked them to decrease the price of rice fairly and it is also a warning for them.

President Duterte also wants an improvement in regards to the healthcare system. Through the help of PhilHealth, he said that it will help to ensure the health security of every Filipino family. His last words are about thanking people who are part of making the draft of the Federal Constitution. He believes that this new law will create an environment for Filipinos that will have an equal opportunity and have the ability and capable enough to be successful. He ends his speech like he does in his previous talks by reciting a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

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