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I am one who has a Passion and love for Cooking. over the years i have organised and sponsored food tasting events in my little community of friends and school mates. I spent years Studying Computer Science in the University Of Port Harcourt. While studying i figured my love was drawn towards cooking as always, hence leading me to setting up a food conscession business that was involved in the Production of wraps and Tacos for the consumption of teachers and students. I was able to run the business successfully because it was all love and passion for cooking that was behind my drive. i was always happy running my business into the middle of the night, than i was sitting behind a Desk. What i am Hoping for from Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul is an opportunity to enhance and gain tools that are paramount towards the pursuit of my dreams and aspirations. I plan to reside in Istanbul while pursuing studies at Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul, cook in a Turkish Restuarant as an apprentice, and shadow local chefs, if possible. I believe the experience at Le Cordon Bleu will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a world class chef by giving me the tools needed. I have always loved the city of Istanbul, its ancient History as part of the Ottoman Empire, hence pursuing a career in what i love to do {Cooking} in a beautiful city like Istanbul Turkey would be icing on the cake for me. I would indeed be thrilled beyond imagination to live and work in Istanbul while attending one of the Best culinary institutions in the world.

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I plan to make use of Le Cordon Bleu’s presence in the Global food industry and all the great opportunities that awaits me in Istanbul, i will be able to travel the world, meet chefs with an enormous wealth of experience and expand my knowledge. I would put my knowledge into use by running a restuarant, exploring and creating new Recipes which would be compliled into cookbooks for the benefit of avid food lovers and intending chefs. Le Cordon Bleu is my first and most important step to a achieving a name in the food industry. i hope that i can use what i will learn through the studies at Le Cordon Bleu to inspire aspiring cooks, organise massive feeding campaigns to give back to the world.

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