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Statement of Personal Goals in Data Analytics

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Rohit Tandon, SVP of Genpact’s Analytics & Research Business, in his interview with Analytics Indian Magazine stated that “Analytics is now done real time or pre-emptively in order to create positive results.”

This is true of the field that I wish to leave my mark in. I have been following the growth of the domain of analytics. With the explosion of social media, online marketing and shopping, use of advanced analytics has seen a wider adoption by several companies. It is my desire to be a part of this rapidly growing field and in order to charter a successful career; I need to build a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of the domain. Therefore, I plan to pursue a post-graduation in Data Analytics.

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My childhood has been marked by discipline and focused orientation towards a goal, as my father was defense personnel. He accentuated the pursuit of excellence as the noblest act that one could do in one’s life. In my school days, mathematics was the subject that triggered my curiosity and interest. Working with numbers, finding solutions to problems and some eureka moments when I found out a solution without any guidance, kept me on the edge of my seat whenever there was a mathematics lecture. This reflected in my scores in my academics, especially when I was awarded Prime Minister of India’s Scholarship for excellence in Mathematics in my Grade 12th. We traveled and lived in different parts of the country since my father had a transferable service. So, my school experience was distinguished from others as I grew up in a truly multicultural atmosphere and learnt to deal with different kinds of individuals and communities. I learnt also to respect and appreciate differences, including dissimilar perspectives.

My consistently good scores in academics ensured a place in one of the reputed colleges, affiliated to University of Mumbai in the stream of Electronics and Telecommunication. Here various subjects lured me into the world of engineering. I was like a little kid let loose in a light and sound fair. I was mesmerized by the world of electronics and computers. Besides strengthening, my core subject knowledge in electronics and telecommunication, I complemented the theory with my knowledge of MATLAB, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, Java with the help of professors from computer department, which gave me valuable insights into MATLAB analytics. That is where my journey towards data-driven technologies started. I also learnt the Tableau, which later proved to be functional in my work.

Apart from academics, I was an active member of IEEE, where in I was involved in organizing college level workshops for robotics events during college fest “Resonance”. I was also a member of my college cricket team. I have been actively a part of a community outreach foundation since the last four years. I volunteer with Shiksha Seva Foundation – “Mission Admission” which focuses on the development of girl child by promoting female education. I also have a deep seated interest in paper art and have been an origami lover since my childhood. Even today, I make a lot of gift items with paper and gift them to my loved ones.

Post my graduation, I was offered a job by Capgemini Technological Services India Ltd. as a software engineer/analyst, wherein my major responsibilities involved development and implementation of IT-based solutions and design, building and executing end-to-end process operations and in-house management consulting. Capgemini not only provided me the opportunity to learn valuable organizations skills but also, helped me evolve as an independent decision maker. I worked with some of the major clients of the company, i.e., Bayer Business Services and Monsanto, which provided me with experience with diverse work cultures and added to my work profile. Such experiences built my ability to work with people and technology together.

At this junction of my career, I realize the need to enhance my technical and problem-solving skills which are the priority skills that employers seek in an employee and a Masters in Information Systems would be the right decision for bringing about this change in me. The course for example, “Data Visualization” will help me to model real-world problems in a statistical framework and provide me with the ability to present technical material at a level appropriate for the audience. Also the module “Information Systems Planning and Policy” will help me to gain the various business skills that are required of IS/IT managers and chief information officers and the future challenges of these roles. It will enable me to engage with the business to prepare, agree and implement IS strategies and policies and prepare and present initiatives with a company board and senior management; detecting and avoiding the engagement and communications problems that often occur in IS management.

The course at your university is tailor made for me with its excellent faculty, enviable infrastructure, diverse student body and ample opportunities for personal growth. This will provide me with an opportunity to widen my already existing knowledge and learn more about other cultures.

I would be able to bring my knowledge and diverse understanding of the field to the classroom discussions and contribute to the enrichment of the course. I hope to become a part of the rich community of the university.


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