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Personal Background

I am glad to introduce myself and express about my past, present and future plan concerning about my studies and career. I am Mrs. Rachana Nepal wife of Mr. Kedar Sapkota and daughter of Mr. Ramji Prasad Nepal and Mrs. Manju Nepal a permanent resident of Tansen-07, Pravas, Nepal. I live in a joint family with my husband, Father and Mother in law. Currently we are residing at Musikot 07, Wami-Taksar, Gulmi, Nepal. I did my schooling from Shree Saraswati Seconday School and appeared the School Leaving Certificate Examination (SLC), conducted by the Government of Nepal, I secured 77% score in 2009 and then joined New Horizon Higher Secondary School, Palpa, Nepal and completed (+2) in Science stream and passed the exam conducted by the Higher Secondary Education Board, Nepal in 2011 obtaining 66. 90%.

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After the due completion of this course I enrolled myself in Lumbini Medical College, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal affiliated to Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu and completed my Bachelor Degree of Science in the field of Nursing in September 2015 securing 82. 18%. My total years of schooling are 16 years. After completing Bachelor Degree, I joined English Language School for IELTS preparation. And I appeared for International English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS) on 18th February 2016 and achieved an overall score of 6. 5. After that I got the opportunity to work as a Research Officer at Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAs) from April 13th 2016 to December 15th 2016 for the Research Project of John Hopkins University, USA. During my BSc Nursing Course I got the chance of exposure to the Psychiatric patients for around 8 weeks at Lumbini Medical College, Palpa, Nepal. I came to know that there was vast difference between theoretical and practical exposure.

At that moment my primary objective was to compare my theoretical knowledge regarding psychological disorder with my patients. Initially I didn't think that Psychology field is that much interesting. But later on when I became more familiar with those real patients who were admitted at the hospital with several types of psychological disorder, I realized that I have the burning desire to study psychology in depth. Luckily, by then I had begun to study psychology, and did compare with my patients and also applied some of the effective therapies under the guidance of our tutor. As I studied psychology more and more, I found what excites me most of all were the investigation, dissection and understanding of problems that I saw around me in the world. I found psychology subject stimulated me to think and explore my world as I studied development, psychopathology, personality and behaviour analysis during my bachelor course. Mrs. Bandana Pokharel's (MSC Psychiatric Nursing) behaviour analysis classes gave me good critical and analytic skills through our repeated analyses, discussion and practice of both basic and complex behavioural principles. I successfully conducted a research study on topic 'Perceived Risk-factors of Suicide among Teenager Students'. My work with my tutors helped me develop my observational skills and learn to classify and define abstract descriptors into concrete variables.

In my research study, I started with a broad question, wondering whether there is Gender difference regarding the perception of risk-factors of suicide and Methods of attempting suicide. Once I narrowed my ideas, collected and analyzed the data, I had to deal with the frustration of getting results that did not support the hypotheses. I did more data collection and analysis and as a result I found that, on the teenager’s perception males and females had different risk-factors for attempting suicide and they use different methods for attempting suicide. And the result supported my hypothesis. I did perform daily history taking as well as Mental Status Examination of the patients admitted to psychiatric ward under the supervision of our tutors. I conducted a Case Study of a Patient Suffering from Mania and presented it to our professors.

My teachers helped me to develop skills in therapeutic communication (Counselling). While offering both depth and breadth across this field, this course put into perspective the importance and relevance of psychology and its application in day to day life. While I was exposed to psychology, I have strived to maintain an approach of expanding independent effort in all my endeavours. Self-Learning and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept. About my academics at college level, I have prepared assignments, term papers on Psychotherapy and Behavioural Therapy.

Similarly I gave many presentations on interesting topics like that of study of stress on children due to academic performance, psychosexual disorders, management of Schizophrenic Patient, marriage and divorce, critical evaluation on psychoanalytical perspective, psychosocial perspective and Dementia and Delirium. All these things will surely help me a lot while doing my post graduation at The University of Southern Queensland. I have received the best possible undergraduate education in Nursing in Nepal. Having exposure with different types of psychological disorders and interested on dealing with those patients and provide therapeutic treatment. Throughout, my scholastic records and achievements I have given my best as an all rounder. I have always consistently ranked in top 3 of the students at Kathmandu University. I was a class- representative for a period of one year where my role was to implement new policies regarding the development of the department and the students. I was also engaged in a Health teaching programmes for the Caregivers of the psychiatric patient. Also I have experience of counselling for the caregivers of the patient admitted to the critical units such as: critical care unit (CCU) and Intensive care unit (ICU).

I have command and proficiency in three language; English, Nepali, Hindi. Recently I have worked with Nepal Paediatric Society, Kathmandu, Nepal as a Research Officer under the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA. And my responsibility to develop interpersonal relationship with the caregivers of under 5 years child suffering from pneumonia and find out the caregiver burden as well as economical impact due to the illness. Why I choose Australia for my further studyFirstly there is no master’s degree course (Masters in Clinical Psychology) in this similar faculty available in Nepal, the course which we have here in Nepal do not have much depth and cover wide range as the course offered in many international universities elsewhere. Now I have decided to acquire Masters in Clinical Psychology from a well reputed university in Australia. I choose Australia my destination for various reasons. Australia is leading global education powerhouse with some of the World's best facilities and educators, providing local and international students with a range of quality student’s option:

  • 3rd most popular international student destination in the world despite having a population of only 23 million.
  • 7 out of 100 top universities in the world are Australian.
  • 5 out of 30 best student cities are in Australia
  • 25,00,000 International Alumni of Australian Institutions are making a difference around the world.
  • 22,000 courses, 1100 Institutions
  • University System Ranking, 8th in the world ahead of the UK, Germany, Japan and the Netherland
  • Above 20,00,00,000 Annual Government Investment on International Scholarships
  • Australian Universities Feature in the top 50 ranked universities in the world in the following study areas: Art and Humanities, Clinical, pre-clinical and Health, Engineering and Technology Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences
  • 15 Nobel Prize Laureates
  • 1,00,00,00,000 people around the world rely on Australian Discoveries and Innovations every day: Penicillin, IVF, Ultrasound, WIFI, Bionic Ear, Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Black Box. Also I can study the course in English language and Australian qualifications are recognized by employers and leading educational institutions around the world. Beside this Australia is a safe, multicultural, friendly and harmonious society. Australians value the wealth of cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to the campuses and communities.

Australia’s national quality assurance system is unique both in its structure and its rigor. International students, and even their parents, enjoy an unparalleled level of service and financial protection.

The country is committed to providing quality education to students- be it national or international. One of the great advantages of gaining an Australian qualification is the opportunities to acquire a post study work program which avails me to obtain job experience in a reputed organization and this will be an invaluable asset in my future career. Why I choose to study in The University of Southern QueenslandI choose to study in The University of Southern Queensland for my Masters in Psychology (Clinical). USQ is a medium-sized, regional university based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, with three university campuses at Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich and is committed to deliver high quality and distinct learning, teaching and research experiences. USQ has been a leader in distance learning by leveraging technology since the 1970s, which has allowed it to serve rural Queensland and international communities through its on campus, off campus, and external programs. It was winner of the Australian University of the Year Award in 2000-2001.

It is renowned for its highly supportive student environment, the outcomes it has achieved for indigenous students and its positive engagement with the community. It is ranked as one of the best universities in the world. Graduates enjoy high rates of employment, and its diverse research and teaching partnerships throughout Australia and around the world reflect a commitment to community engagement, meeting real needs. I found the professors of the university to be very Co-operative with international students and some of them provided great suggestions as well. Why I have chosen Masters in Psychology (Clinical)The Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree is designed to prepare Psychologists for professional roles in the Psychological Sector. The main objectives of the program are to provide an academic avenue for professional development, knowledge and comprehension of research and the application of evidence-based practice. After Successful completion of the program I will be able to:

  • demonstrate a well-developed knowledge base concerning the principles and practice of applied clinical psychology
  • demonstrate diagnostic interview skills
  • demonstrate an understanding and competence in the principles and practice of clinical assessment, diagnosis and case formulation
  • demonstrate high level skills in psychological testing and test data interpretation
  • apply principles and practice of health intervention
  • demonstrate a high level of individual and group clinical intervention skills
  • demonstrate advanced research skills
  • interact ethically with clients and other professionals
  • Apply knowledge and skills proficiently in the workplace.

Additionally, after completion of my masters I would like to continue PHD in clinical psychology at USQ that will save my time and develop my career in Psychological field.

Student Visa Rules: I have searched about some of the student visa rules for international students and found out that an international student is allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when course is in session, and unlimited hours when course is not in session. Students cannot change their education provider before 6 months.

Student cannot start work before the commencement of the date of program. If student changes their residential address then they have to inform their education provider or DIAC within 7 working days. Student have to take their health insurance on regular basic until the visa gets expire. Student attendance in the university should be 80%. In order to get their Student Visa for Australia (Under SVP),student have to show to the Visa Office, One year of tuition fees, One year of living expenses’, OSHC for the entire duration of visa & return airfare.

Financial shown: The members of my family are very supportive towards my decision for higher studies at Australia My father Ramji Prasad Nepal who is serving as a government school teacher and mother Manju Nepal engage in agriculture in our own agricultural land. Likewise. My father in law Lok Nath Sapkota is a business man since long time and every members of my family from both sides are excited to sponsor me for my further study Master’s in Psycholgy from Australia. Required sufficient bank balance has been shown in my father’s Bank account that I can use for my study purpose in Australia. Also my husband Kedar Sapkota aged 28, will be accompanying me to Australia during my stay there. His company will provide me with all the support; moral, emotional, technical, educational, that I will be needing.

Career Prospectus in Nepal

Psychology (educational and Developmental) is slowly gaining its popularity in Nepal. The Nepalese society is greatly influenced by astrology, black magic, traditional shaman practice and faith of spiritual power in controlling mind/body and the field of modern psychology is still narrow. The psychologist are also very few in numbers. The scope of psychology is growing in Nepal. Considering these facts and the need of Nepalese society I am interested to work in the field Clinical psychology. The scope of psychology is increasing in the area of educational setting nowadays. Being able to work in planning, implementing and supervising people with different ability and those traumatized by natural (Earthquake, flood, Landslide) and man-made calamities also tops my interest. As an academic and professional discipline, Psychology in Nepal is suffering from a series of problems such as failure to produce professional psychologists, lack of relevancy of psychology to national setting, problem of implanted psychology, and lack of uniting centers to all psychologists.

The number of highly educated psychology (post-graduate and above) manpower is about one hundred in Nepal and only few are involved in academic and non-academic, semi professional field. Psychology is yet to establish as an active discipline here in Nepal but things are bound to change for good in future. I am hoping to complete my desired course in Masters and PHD in Psychology (clinical) from USQ and come back to my country Nepal for my commitments towards the development of my country, my family and myself. My ultimate goal after Master and PHD in Clinical Psychology is to work as Psychologist in Clinical Sector of Nepal where I will be able to get approximately 75-80 Thousand NRs, where I can help my family, Community and Nation by providing an excellent service in the field of Psychology. I would be able to get an opportunity to explore my education in my country. But in order to achieve that, initially I need a higher quality education, knowledge and experience about the nursing sector by which I can fulfil my dreams. The years of undergraduate education have been an enriching experience – both academically and otherwise, and I am determined to maintain the high levels of excellence throughout my career.

My immediate degree objective is Masters and PHD of Psychology – a rapidly evolving discipline. An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity, and a graduate programme which blends high quality course work and research facilities at the cutting edge of every sub-field are the factors which have motivated me to choose school of Psychology. I am hoping for your positive response by giving me a chance to study your university for the Upcoming Session 2017.

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