Statement Of Purpose To Enter Weill Cornell Medical College

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What is meant to be always finds its way, call it destiny or fate. Being an engineering student for a month – a decision taken after a lot of meticulous thought and research, little did I know my life and career would change in a day.

Whilst waiting for my appointment at the general physicians clinic with fever and body ache changed my life forever. A man entered the clinic, clutching his chest in pain collapsed right in front of me. As soon as I alerted the doctor, with his swift and timely help he managed to save the man’s life by administrating cardiopulmonary restitution. My heart was filled with joy when I saw the relief on the man’s relative’s face while thanking the doctor for his service. This incident intrigued me and led me to research about the field of medicine- how intricate a human body is and how all the systems work in perfect harmony to maintain its smooth functioning.

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“Aim of medicine is not to know the disease but to relieve the suffering it causes” quoting Miguel Angel Garcia sums up the medical profession. During my clinical rotations I realized internal medicine provides a good opportunity to treat a diverse group of patients on a nearly infinite range of medical and personal issues. Diagnosing different conditions and applying medical theories with new methods of treatment creates a constant mental challenge that any scientific mind like mine would cherish.

I am amazed by the simplicity as well as complex nature and functioning of the human heart. Researching and reading articles like “Calcium signaling regulates ventricular hypertrophy during development independent of contraction or blood flow”, Cellular Cardiology (2015) authored by Geoffrey Pitt- Medicine director of Weill Cornell Medicine Cardiovascular Research Institute has made me develop a keen interest in cardiology.

Equally appealing is a surgeon’s work in the field of medicine. Articles like “Safety and Effectiveness of a ‘Percutaneous- First’ approach to Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair” published in Annals of Vascular Surgery journal (2016) authored by Darren Schneider- Associate Professor of Surgery (Vascular Surgery) at Weill Cornell Medical College has increased my liking towards surgery as well.

One instance that brought me a lot of satisfaction was when I diagnosed and treated a rural uneducated patient suffering from a condition endemic to his village. He had been experiencing burning in his hands and feet for months and had started feeling tired. Tests conducted showed macrocytosis and was treated with cyanocobalamin which was deficient due to his vegetarian diet. Subsequently the patient got a lot of symptomatic relief. Seeing the happiness on his face filled my heart with sense of contentment. I then started a prophylactic treatment camp in his village for this disease. I joined the Rotaract Club of the Caduceus to serve society by using my medical knowledge and skills. I have also been a part of a blood donation drive and taught pregnant women the importance of breastfeeding. I have also participated in a charity football match thus fusing the two passions of my life medicine and football to help others.

Having a lot of aptitude and passion for knowledge in the medical field along with my disciplined work ethics and sense of self confidence has allowed me to conquer every challenge of my life. I look forward for my electives with a lot of anticipation at Weill Cornell Medical College which will bring new challenges and opportunities for me to grow, not only as a doctor but also as a human being.


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