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Doolandella State High School is a school that is committed to developing young people to achieve their potential intellectually, personally and socially. At Doolandella State High, our vision is to prepare our students to become young adults who will be active, responsible and engaged members of society. The students will be prepared for the 21st century with high-quality academic learning that is future-focused, enterprising and transferable whilst the learning will also be student-centred.

There is a strong focus on developing their literacy and numeracy skills as well as deepening their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We are committed to personal excellence and expect each person to strive for their best. At Doolandella, we believe in excellence, in which setting high standards and providing quality support to help students reach these standards is of highest priority.

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Excellence for students and teachers means they take charge of their own learning, are self-disciplined, work collaboratively and engage in rigorous feedback to remain at the cutting edge of their studies/profession. This will be achieved through classrooms that include individual, small group and whole class teaching and learning. Students will be able to graduate from Doolandella with the skills and attitudes that are needed in their future career pathways.

Justification of School Philosophy

What is the purpose of education? Education plays a vital role in shaping successful people and preserving society. It gives people the opportunity to become a productive member of a civilised society by helping young people acquire all the necessary skills that they will need in their futures. Young People learn how to meet challenges and overcome obstacles and learn how to become an integrated personality and maintain the perpetuation of society. People learn basic norms, rules, regulations, and values of society through education.

Moreover, high quality education enables us to lead a successful life, enhances our intelligence, skills, knowledge, and brings positive changes in our life. There are many arguments to the purpose of education including the vocational, academic and humanist arguments. The philosophy of Doolandella State High School is based mainly on the vocational argument but has small components of the academic and humanist argument as well.

The Vocational argument is essentially to prepare young people for the real world and helping them to be ready for society and jobs. This is according to Learning Guide 2 (p. 1) which states, “education is for preparing young people for adult roles.” Society and jobs are constantly changing and evolving, and young people will need the skills to adapt and vocational education will help. Vocational education prepares students to be ready for jobs by providing them skills that help prepare them for the workforce.

With society continuing to develop, there is a growing need for skilled professionals and vocational education prepares students for jobs by teaching them the necessary skills required for the workforce. The Demand for skilled labour has increased both in businesses and government sectors with the need for skilled professionals in demand in various industries such as tourism, information technology, finance, retail management, hospitality and traditional crafts.

Today, education puts more emphasis on theoretical learning and not on the practical learning. Vocational learning allows students to choose the career of their interest, gain practical knowledge and be ready for the job. There are many benefits of the vocational argument which include students being job-ready, career advancement, economic development and easy employment. It provides students with the required skills and training for a particular job such as Interior Design, Fashion Design, Computer Networking, etc.

Along with the classroom instructions, students benefit from also getting practical knowledge and practice helping the students to be job-ready and experts in their trade. The students with vocational training are preferred as they possess the right skills, education and knowledge for the job. Thus, easy and fast employment is a major advantage that students with vocational training have.

The duration of vocational courses are less compared to the university courses but the skills taught are as important. Students who are less interested in academic studies can choose from the diverse courses that are available and be able to enhance their skills in their chosen trade. The existence of skilled professionals is beneficial to the society and also for the economic development a country.

There would be less requirement hire foreign skilled professionals from international countries at higher wages. These are just some of the benefits of vocational education, there are however many limits to the vocational argument. There are major disadvantages in career options as although vocational education prepares young people to be capable to work in trade, it also makes students vulnerable as they have developed only a specific skill during vocational education. There is also an existential crisis as society is fast paced and constantly changing; a certain skill set that is valuable today, might become unnecessary in the near future making an individual an un-resourceful person.

The academic argument is also considered when developing Doolandella State High’s philosophy. The academic argument is essentially developing minds of people, improving metacognition and argues that education improves society. According to Learning Guide 3 (p. 1), “the academic argument – is essentially that education can improve the mind, self and society by developing abstract reasoning.”

Academic education includes emphasis on providing 21st century skills for students and teaching is mainly based on STEM subjects which is essentially what Doolandella State High School aims to achieve. In a developed, modern society, it is essential to have some sort of academic qualification, as this is the first thing potential employers will look at and gives students an advantage in job seeking. Academic qualifications are the only easy and reliable way to find an efficient, dependable job.

This is because firstly, academic qualifications provide more alternatives to avail career promotion; secondly, an academic qualification ensures success in life by getting a decent job. In that case, they usually have determination on solving concerns and fascinating new knowledge which can sustain encouragement and job achievements, the most essential part to developing a successful career. Academic qualifications can boost the professional career by providing more career options and wealth of opportunities because, academic qualification is the evidence of the possession of knowledge and experience.

Students who are academically taught usually have problem solving skills which helps them in achieving prominent positions. Students with an academic qualification meet to the essential requirement of a progressive and developing career which provides many opportunities to get promotions and effectively build their career. Furthermore, an academic qualification usually guarantees a prosperous and successful life by securing a good job and attractive salary packages.

Therefore, academic qualification is of sole importance to be ahead of all in the race of life. To retain a unique position, advance in career, reliable designation and better source of income; academic qualification is the key factor for availing all the benefits associated with it. That is why it is necessary for young people to acquire more knowledge, skills and concepts while mastering and qualifying the highest possible levels of qualification in their specific fields of knowledge and research, which will lead to progression, development and innovation.

The Humanist approach to learning is also emphasised in Doolandella’s philosophy as there is an emphasis on student-centred learning and student self-regulation. While the vocational and academic arguments both agreed that education should be imposed on young people and prepare them for workplace and society, the humanist approach argues that education should protect and nurture people’s real self and that society would be better if its members were authentic. According to Learning Guide 4 (p. 1), the humanist argument was presented by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Swiss philosopher who states, “young humans are already good and education should allow them to flourish with minimal, careful intervention.”

Students should be able to choose what they want to learn. The humanistic approach to education places the educator in a unique role that does not consist of merely transmitting knowledge. Teachers are able to foster a healthy relationship with their students encouraging them to rely on their teachers as educational leaders, who are there to facilitate their learning. This creates a very wholesome environment of inclusion and collaboration. In the humanistic approach to learning, the student is guided and pushed by his own interests; the motivation to learn is developed very naturally, fomenting a proactive approach to the acquisition of knowledge.

The humanistic model of education emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge and personal identity. These traits allow the individual to better understand his qualities and weaknesses. By doing so, he is able to comprehend his place in society and how it is that he can enhance the world. Furthermore, this educational model aims at establishing clearly defined values that find a niche in the individual’s habitat. In contrast to other educational models, the humanistic approach to education responds to the need of a world that is more concerned with and sensitive to the needs of the constantly evolving generations.

The humanistic educational model produces individuals capable of adapting to a changing world and modernization. Humanistic teachers believe that students will be motivated to learn a subject if it’s something they need and want to know. The goal of education should be to foster students’ desire to learn and teach them how to learn. Students should be self-motivated in their studies and desire to learn on their own.

Humanistic educators believe that grades are irrelevant and that only self-evaluation is meaningful. Grading encourages students to work for a grade and not for personal satisfaction. In addition, humanistic educators are opposed to objective tests because they test a student’s ability to memorise and do not provide enough educational feedback to the teacher and student. Humanistic educators believe that both feelings and knowledge are important to the learning process. Unlike traditional educators, humanistic teachers do not separate the cognitive and affective domains.

Humanistic educators insist that schools need to provide students with an unthreatening environment so that they will feel secure to learn. Once students feel secure, learning becomes easier and more meaningful. n this educational model, teachers are not viewed as authoritative figures, but as learning facilitators. There are criticisms of the humanist argument, as people who favour the vocational and academic argument argue that, the humanist approach to learning Leaves young people without real skills and knowledge for current jobs and develops inappropriate attitudes for the world of work and this creates a tension in Doolandella’s philosophy as it incorporates all three arguments.

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