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Statue of Liberty: the Definition and Symbolism Behind American

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People hate to be defined as a word, Many people were trained as children to use the term sticks and stones, Because to certain people they don’t want a word to define them, “Words are containers for power, you choose what kind of power they carry.” Joyce Meyer. Words are powerful things, To the Amarican people the word America means so much more than just a country, the Colonist fought with blood sweat and tears People risked their lives to sail across the world just to be defined as an Amarican, Because being An amarican means Freedom, pride and loyalty to keep and pledge allegiance to freedom, and having an acceptance to change.

In 1986 approximately a century away from the opening of the Statue of Liberty People were interviewed to celebrate and talk about their experience when immigrating into the United States of America and seeing the statue of liberty, CBN news interviews a few people in different ways they describe their feelings as hope and a new change. One Lady said “ Seeing the statue gave me such a good feeling of a new change and a strong feeling of hope.” Another man from the video expressed his memory as “not seeing a dry tear on the boat, everyone was crying and praying in their own language.” Anastacia arches from greece said that in greece they had a picture of the statue of liberty and were told that life in America would be different, they would be fed and clothed and taken care off. This showed that America is a place that will take care of you, but you will have to be willing to change to be amarican. These people were immigrants and changed their ways of living to be called an amarican. Julia Alzarez wrote a short story called Names Nombres. In this story she talks about her childhood and how much she didn’t like her mexican name. For example, she said that “I burned with shame when every they singled me out as a “forener”. This is a good example of someone accepting and wanting to change to be amarican.

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While Julia Alzarez’s story might make it seem like being different is a bad thing in america, But to me it means that she is proud, she is so proud of being amarican she doesn’t want other people to call or see her as anything other than america. “Pride”, This is a word that the amarican people strongly abide to. In 1851 george washinton and his army crossed the delaware river to attack the british in the revolutionary war. 75 years after the war artist Emanuel Leutze made a painting of his interpretation of the boats before leaving shore. In this painting george washington stands tall and proud towards the middle of the ship with an amarican flag beside him. Washington is showing pride even though he knows that there is death and war close by. Altho this painting was 75 years later and maybe not 100% accurate it shows the mind of Emanuel leutze and what he believes to be an American.

On July 2nd 1887 frank leslie’s illustrated a picture for the newspaper, this picture shows immigrants on a boat looking at the statue of liberty. The people in this image were happy and filled with tears of joy, on couple in the image is shown holding hands and praying. Manny of these people were looking for freedom and when they got to america they were happy to finally achieve their goal. On October 28, 1936 president Franklin D. Roosevelt made the madison square garden speech to address the fithteenth annerversty of statue of liberty. During this speech president Roosevelt said these inspiring words “They not only found freedom in the new world, but their effort and devotion, they made the new world’s freedom safer, richer, more far reaching and more capable of growth.”. Not only were these people adopted into the freedom of america they helped pursue and grow the idea of freedom.

President rosovelt mentioned that these immigrants helped the idea of freedom through their efforts and devotion, or in other words loyalty.“A man is not an orange. You can’t eat the fruit and throw the peel away.” – Arthur Miller. You can’t just have freedom and forget to stay loyal to the people who brought it to you. We as Americans have to fight hard and stay loyal to keep our freedom. Mike christian is a perfect example of an amarican. On November 10, 2002 the article NEVER FORGET THEIR DUTY was released to the public, this was the first time American people got to experience the story of mike christan. Along with John Sidny MCain, Mike Christian was a prisoner of war to the north viatamanies during the Vietnam war. Mike Christian received a package from home with white and red pieces of cloth in it. Over a period of a couple of months, he sewed the amarican on the inside of his shirt. Evey afternoon Mike would hang his shirt up on the wall of his cell, and the people in the cell pledged a legenced to the flag, even though they were in captivity and far away from their home they stayed loyal to the flag, and it was the highlight of these men’s day. One day the vitamins found the flag and who made it, Mike Christan was drug out his cell and beaten severely for seemingly endless hours. When they brought him back to the men there surrounded and helped him the best they could. after a few hours of being brutally beaten, Mike christian with his eyes nearly shut from swelling begian to make another flag. Mike christian despite nearly being beaten the death kept loyalty to his country because it made him feel more amarican.

The definition of amarican is not shown through your nationality or the place you currently are. American is a very powerful word that most people use vaguely, Yeah in america you are free and considered a central amarican, but to be An amarican means that you not only have freedom but you will fight for it, and be willing to change and most importantly to stay loyal no matter what the consequence is. People like Mike Christan, Mc kian, Anastacia arches, and Julia Alzarez are very few examples of an amarican, these are people who made sacrifices to change their lives to be loyal to the idea of freedom. That is an amarican.


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