Pros and Cons of a Stay at Home with the Baby Parenting Style


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Nowadays, families around the word with a new born child have decisions about staying home and raise a child by themselves or working and hiring babysitter to take care. If think in the other way to be balance, one parent stay home and raise a baby while the other works full-time to earn money. It would be better for parents and a child. It is common in many countries. Mostly, women stay home with a little baby and men work to get money covering all bills and necessary things they need.

The good things that make close relationships between parents and kids. It is about how much time they spend together. It is as same as you stay and raise a new born child by yourself. You and your baby will learn each other. You will be the first person who see baby start standing, speaking, and a lot of things that a baby will learn to do. You will see how a baby grows up. When a baby get sick, you can spend time taking care of your baby until he/she get better. It seems small things to another people who doesn’t have a kid, but it is so proud for parents who become mom and dad. This is a little detail to make their life happier. Also raising a baby by your self is great for a baby’s mental now and future. Even a baby is so small to remember what you do for, but a baby knows and feels loved. It effects to baby’s actions and reaction. As the same time, the other parent work full-time to make financial balance of family. You keep working with your career is always good. Who knows that if both of you staying home and take care of a baby with saving money you have, then you can come back to your job as same as when you quit. Normally, they can not come back to the same jobs. You feel comfortable and not guilty to leave your baby with someone you trust.

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The bad things are actually affected to parents more than a baby because you will cut your career future at the time you quit. Only one parent’s salary might not afford every bills, such as medical bills, hospital, nursery furniture, baby related equipment, diapers, baby food and school in future. But think about if both parents work and hire babysitter to take care a baby. You will have enough income to pay for bills and school when a baby grows up. This is important to think about future when you have a new child because you should calculate all costs since you have and couple years later. Also about parent’s mental and social, for example, you stay home all day and night with your baby and you don’t have time to do adult activity or communicate with your colleagues or friends, you will feel losing your age. Sometime you get pressure or stress but you can’t let it out with your child. On the baby side, if a baby stays with only one or two parents all the time, he/she will have low emotional intelligence. A baby needs to play or sharing with another. It will make a baby learn how to give feeling or things to others. It is good for a baby’s behavior when he/she grows up.

Finally, one parent stay home and raise a new born child while the other works is great for either parents and a child. At this time raising a child with good mental is important because in future a baby will become an adult and work with other people in communities. The good background is one of success to make a person become a successful person. Parents are also keeping income balance for responsibility of family.

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