Steel Series Sense 310

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Steel Series Sense 310 boosts to be first gamer’s mouse to incorporate one to one tracking sensor. Its comfortable design provides grip flexibility for palms and hands both. Ambidextrous design is one the most advanced feature of Steel Series Sense 310. Its powerful ARM delivers best performance. You can also save your lightning setting on this gaming mouse. There is no doubt that Steel Series Sense 310 will be very popular among gaming enthusiast.


Steel Series Sense 310 comes with optical sensor type and 100-12000 CPI increments. It has two-zoned RGB. It comes with 8 buttons. Height of Steel Series Sense 310 is about 1.5 inches and cable length is 2m. Software in Sensei 310 is Steel Series Engine 3. Steel Series Sense 310 is priced at $46.71 and comes in black color.

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Steel Series Sense 310 has a modern feel as compared to its predecessors. Its rubber strips have been replaced by silicon padding that provides a very decent hold. With two thumb buttons on both sides and scroll wheel Steel Series Sense 310 comes in pretty conventional design. Due to its low weight, it may feel cheap to some users.

True Esports Sensor

Steel Series Sense 310 comes having pin point accuracy using True Esports Sensor. This sensor provides low latency levels. This sensor also helps in getting natural movement.

Jitter Reduction

The new feature of jitter reduction provides 3500 to 12000 CPI. The high level of CPI helps in providing perfect response and jitter free performance.

RGB Lighting

Steel Series Sense 310 comes with full RGB color spectrum. You can chose from 16.8 million colors and configure reactive illumination to events of game.


User could save his preferred settings of lighting and performance in the mouse.


Steel Series Sense 310 weighs about 92g making it one of the lightest gaming mouse. Its weight however could give a chap feel to its design. With no weight adjusting options, you have no option if you want a heavy mouse.


The processor of Steel Series Sense 310 is powerful with 32-bit ARM. It gives you the added feature of button revamping that comes handy while using in tournaments and events.


With its jitter free performance and impressive sensitivity, Steel Series Sense 310 proves to be high performing gaming mouse. It also senses tiny jitters and smoothers them out.

Steel Series Sense 310 hopes to break the market with its high performance CPI and jitter free gaming performance. Ambidextrous design model is one of its kind proving support and comfort to hand as well as palm. It is a great upgrade from its previous generation on design front combined with excellent features.

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