Step by Step Process of How to Reverse a Vacuum Cleaner to Inflate

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Step By Step Process Of How To Reverse A Vacuum Cleaner To Inflate

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Air mattresses come in handy all the time whether you have friends coming in for a sleepover, a wild night in with your girls or a chilly camping trip. Some may argue that an air mattress is unnecessary while staying at home by yourself, but how many can really argue with the undeniable comfort and fun that comes with one of these beauties? These mattresses are not only preferred due to their easy portability while on camping trips but also for their ability to deliver soothing comfort that will aid in keeping sleepless nights at bay. When it’s time to lie down in the mattress, you can take your pick from a wide range of machines of the one to be used to inflate your mattress.

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When you are dealing with a large pool float or a large inflatable bed however you need to get more creative. Both a normal manual pump and an automatic pump will not suffice when it comes to giving you the result you need. Help is within reach thankfully, since a central vacuum cleaner can aid you to inflate your huge pool bed or inflatable mattress in no time. Modern vacuum cleaners come with a “blow” function other than just the common and main function which is the “suck” function. This dual functioning new age vacuum cleaners open up a variety of uses for the vacuum. To inflate your bed or mattress, all you have to do is hold up the nozzle or blower to your item’s valve or air hole.

Once you have this in place correctly and without a means for air escape, initiate the blow function in order to fill up your air mattress or inflatable bed. It is best to not try to be a hero by blowing into the air mattress from your lungs you will end up getting tired and almost feeling is just best to make use of this amazing blower function. If you only thought that your vacuum cleaner was only good for sucking in the dirt while cleaning then this is a good reason to think again. Do not waste your time and energy pumping your air mattress with a manual old school pump. You might want to save money as well if you are thinking of purchasing an automatic pump. Make use of your regular vacuum cleaner if it has the “blow function and save yourself the stress. Now that we have determined that your home vacuum cleaner is good for not just sucking in the dust and dirt from your carpet and couch, the lingering question in your mind is probably how to reverse a vacuum cleaner to inflate? Great question! Since the suck function will not help much when you need your camping mattress inflated. So here’s how you can turn your regular vacuum cleaner from a sucker into an effective and monstrous blower machine.

  • First Step Locate the spot which is in an upright position where your bag connects with the vacuum machine just within the vacuum bag section. Some machines have upright vacuums that are fitted with a plastic fitting where the bag connects. Other machines, on the other hand, come with a switch that acts to reverse the flow of air. Your next action is to pull out the vacuum bag to check whether your machine has a hose. If it does pull out the bag and separate it from the hose. Detaching the hose should an easy and smooth process since the hose is quite flexible and easy to maneuver.
  • Second Step Take your vacuum cleaner and place it into a patio or otherwise a garage. If there are no patios or garages within close proximity, a driveway can also work. Here you will go about plugging in the vacuum in order to begin the blower process. Before you plug in though, point the machine away from the point you are standing on just for your safety in case anything goes amiss. Once you are ready, plug in the machine and switch it on so that it can dispel dust, air, and dirt out of the machine by blowing. Leave the machine to keep at it for 2 to 3 minutes at least so that you can be sure that all the dust and dirt has been cleaned out. A cleaned machine is necessary for the next step to take off.
  • Third Step You want to have some duct tape fastened at the point where you had the opening portion separating the vacuum cleaner from the machine. Ensure the duct tape seals this spot tightly to avoid any chance of leakage and the escape of air. This step can be pulled off with your eyes closed if you have a wet-dry vacuum since it will be easy to connect the hose to the machines exhaust fitting using a duct tape. This will firmly seal the opening.
  • Fourth Step Carefully cut out the bottom part of the water bottle together with its plastic cap by using a common utility knife. Connect the bottom part of the plastic bottle to the edge of a vacuum hose by the use of a duct tape. Make sure the connection is quite tight by fastening the duct tape effectively and making sure it is as tight as possible.
  • Final Step Once the connection is secured tightly; cut off the unnecessary or extra portion of the duct tape hanging from the connection; while fastening the top part of the bottle to the air mattress that you are looking to inflate. Do not miss the point here, the seal should be tightly fitted and airtight but this does not mean it should be impossible to remove. A good connection should not only be firm and airtight but also possible to remove with ease and without strain. After all these steps are complete, it should be easy to inflate your mattress using a vacuum cleaning machine. Though this task is not complicated and can be executed by anyone, it does no harm to seek the services or the advice of an expert. This will be the right cause of action if you do not know your way around a vacuum machine.

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