Stephen King’s The Green Mile: Novel Analysis

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Stephen King’s The Green Mile: Novel Analysis

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Book: The Green Mile (Part 1): The Two Dead Girls

Short Summary: Paul Edgecombe tells his story as the head jailer of Block E (where people who got the death penalty stayed waiting (definitely not impatiently) for their execution) at the state penitentiary, Cold Mountain. He tells about how sad it was being in charge of the electric chair (“Old Sparky””The Big Juicy” as prisoners called it) executions in the 1920’s and the 1930’s. He also tells about John Coffey (2.03 meters tall), who was accused of the rape and murder of the Datterick twins, and Mr. Jingles, the pet mouse of Eduard Delacroix, another prisoner.

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Sequel: “As for what Brutal (another jailer) and I agreed that night in the restraint room neither of us ever took part in another execution. John Coffey was the last”

I went back to check on Delacroix and Coffey. I had to see if Percy (a jailer who used to be brutal towards the inmates but kept his job because he was related to the governor by marriage) was picking on them and Mr. Jingles again. Luckily, he wasn’t there. Coffey was asleep after he’d been sitting on his bunk, crying and praying, praying and crying again. I have never seen such a strange combination before, a crying giant. As I moved on to Delacroix’s cell, I noticed Mr. Jingles wasn’t running around the room. Knowing the closeness Delacroix felt to the little mouse, I decided I’d wake him up. I took the key out of the key ring attached to my belt and unlocked the cell quietly. I entered inside the cell and closed the iron door. “Del Wake up!” I whispered. “Del! Del!” I had to be careful not to wake Coffey up. After a few more “Del!” whispers, he finally woke up. He immediately noticed something was missing but couldn’t quite figure out what. “Where’s Jingles?” I asked quietly. “Jingles? Where’s Mr. Jingles?” he asked quickly with his quiet voice. “I don’t know. I just noticed Mr. Jingles’ missing” I tried to calm him down, though after I said the words I noticed I didn’t choose them carefully. “I’ll go look for him with Brutal”. I left the cell. Delacroix couldn’t go back to sleep after what I said. Maybe waking him up wasn’t a very good idea. It didn’t do any good.

I walked on the green mile (the way to the electric chair was paved with small green bricks) and took a left to the restraint room, where I left Brutal earlier. In case you’re wondering why I’d go through so much trouble just to find a mouse, I’d have to tell you, it’s my job. I have to make sure the prisoners on Block E get all they need. I have to fulfil all their last wishes. That’s why I’d go through so much trouble. That and the paper work. You wouldn’t believe how much paperwork you’d have to do after putting a death sentenced man in the restraint room. Anyway, I found Brutal. “We must find Mr. Jingles. He’s gone. We wouldn’t want Warden Moores to find out there’s a mouse running around in his prison” I said. We went outside of the restraint room and noticed strange flashes in the end of the green mile. We ran all the way and entered “the home of Old Sparky”. On Old Sparky’s lap was something. I went closer to see what it was. A sight of so much dismay I’ve never seen before. It was Mr. Jingles strapped to the electric chair. The familiar odor of burnt flesh and fur was somewhat revolting this time, probably because it was accompanied by the unusual sight of a dead loved animal. I let Brutal stay there, mostly because I didn’t want to, and ran directly to the switch room. When I went inside the switch room, I saw Percy. On his face was the meanest and widest smile I’ve ever seen.

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