Stepping Stone: Susan B. Anthony's Fight with the American Government for the Right to Vote

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In 1868, the fourteenth amendment passes. This amendment stated that all people who were born or naturalized in the united states are U.S. citizens. In 1870, the fifteenth amendment passed. This amendment states it the rights of U.S. citizens to vote and this right shall not b e denied to anyone because of race or skin color. Even if the the person has been a slave. While the fifteenth amendment was targeted towards African American men, but it doesn’t clearly state which sex a person has to be. Susan B. Anthony played a large part in women’s rights to vote. Two example of how she fought for the civil rights of women is she went to court multiple times trying to defend her right and the right of other women to vote. Also she did a lot of speeches and she participated in protest.

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Susan B. Anthony played a large role in women being able to vote. Miss Susan fought for her right in the case The United States vs. Susan B. Anthony. The first thing Miss Susan went to do was she went to register to vote. She had read an article in the morning newspaper saying to register to vote. Also it said “if you were not permitted to vote, you would fight for the right, undergo all privations for, face death for it.” which meant if anyone was denied the right to vote the people who denied them could face a death penalty. She easily registered to vote because of that but soon after she casted her vote. Miss Susan and sixteen other women were arrested. She was then put in jail with bail set at five-hundred. She never payed bail. Then once she had her court date she pleaded not guilty. The judge advised the jury to pronounce the Miss Susan was guilty. So Miss Susan stood up and argued her right as a citizen. Miss Susan Anthony was found guilty and fined one-hundred dollars.

Another way Susan B. Anthony fought for not only her right but the right of other women is she did speeches and protested. Miss Susan traveled the U.S. to bring it to united states attention that women have the right to vote. Another thing she brought more attention to is Women suffrage. She would go around the U.S. giving around 75-100 speeches each year. She also was a member of many feminist groups. Donating money and helping anyway she could. She would stand with large flags that said “no self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex” to overpower all woman and ‘force’ them to agree. She was very good at standing up for what she believes.

Susan B. Anthony fought for the rights of women. The ways Miss Susan Anthony fought for women's rights is she fought in court and also she protested and did speeches. She may not of won every battle she fought but look where we are now. Even though she has passed she is still achieving her goal of equal rights for women. She was strong boned and a superb woman. Margaret Truman used the perfect word to describe Miss Susan Anthony. That word is battle-ax.

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