Steps Taken by Government to Control This Cyber Crime

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Steps taken by government to control this cyber crime

Encryption: This is considered as a critical device for securing information in travel. Plain content (meaningful) can be changed over to figure content (coded dialect) by this strategy and the beneficiary of the information can decode it by changing over it into plain content again by utilizing private key. Along these lines with the exception of the beneficiary whose owner of private key to unscramble the information, nobody can access the delicate data. The data in travel as well as the data put away on PC can be secured by utilizing Conventional cryptography technique. Regular issue lies amid the conveyance of keys as anybody if catches it or block it can make the entire question of encryption to stop. Open key encryptograpy was one answer for this where the general population key could be known to the entire world however the private key was just known to beneficiary, its extremely hard to get private key from open key.

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Syncronised Passwords: These passwords are plans used to change the secret key at client’s and host token. The secret phrase on synchronized card changes each 30-60 seconds which just makes it substantial for one time sign on session. Other helpful strategies presented are mark, voice, unique finger impression recognizable proof or retinal and biometric acknowledgment and so on to attribute passwords and pass phrases.

Firewalls: It makes divider between the framework and conceivable gatecrashers to shield the ordered archives from being spilled or gotten to. It would just let the information to stream in PC which is perceived and confirmed by one’s framework. It just allows access to the framework to ones officially enrolled with the PC.

Digital Signature: Are made by utilizing methods for cryptography by applying calculations. This has its noticeable use in the matter of keeping money where client’s mark is recognized by utilizing this technique before banks go into gigantic exchanges.

Net neutrality:-Firstly, legislation for net neutrality has been introduced in Senate and House of Representatives of US by which it provides the principle for internet service providers to provide all the contents and application of the source to all the users without any blocking or slowing down the access to websites. Common persons views regarding this is that the internet is a platform for free expansion where they get information according to their merit not according to their financial relationship with broad band provider. Minimize use of Unprotective Wi-Fi areas:-Now a day’s use of internet is increasing very rapidly and basically medium for using internet is by smart phones or laptops. As we all know that there are many areas where Unprotective Wi-Fi signals exist such as malls restaurants café etc. These wifi signals are so dangerous that they can be easily hacked or accessed by hackers or terrorists, so these areas must required proper security for the use of internet and it become difficult to trace by any hacker or terrorist.

Cyber Jurisdiction:- Internet usage is expanding more rapidly and creates virtual world. There is no limitation or no boundaries are fixed on to how to use and until what extend we can use internet. as internet is used for many good and bad purposes like e banking, gambling, communication and it also open to hacking , pornography etc. in order to limit this we have to decide its jurisdiction for this we require laws . In India there are several laws were made such as section 75 of Information Technology Act, 2000 contains jurisdiction provision, Section 13(3), (4) and (5) deals with cause of action in internet transactions. Jurisdiction also tells us about place of performance of contract, defendant domicile location of server and choice of law etc.

How Efficient Is Information Technology Act 2000? It can’t be debated that Information Technology Act, 2000 however gives certain sorts of insurances yet doesn’t cover every one of the circles of the I.T where the assurance must be given. Copyright and exchange stamp infringement do happen on the net yet Copy Right Act 1976, or Trade Mark Act 1994 are quiet on that which particularly manages the issue. In this manner have no authorization hardware to guarantee the security of space names on net. Transmission of e-money and exchanges online are not given insurance under Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881. Online security isn’t ensured just Section 43 (punishment for harm to PC or PC framework) and 72 (Breach of secrecy or protection) discusses it in some extend be that as it may, doesn’t upset the infringement caused in the internet. Indeed, even the Internet Service Providers (ISP) who transmits some outsider data without human intercession isn’t made subject under the Information Technology Act, 2000. One can undoubtedly take shield under the exception condition, on the off chance that he demonstrates that it was submitted without his insight or he practiced due determination to keep the offense. It’s difficult to demonstrate the commission of offense as the expressions “due steadiness” and “absence of learning” have not been characterized anyplace in the Act. What’s more, tragically the Act doesn’t say how the additional territoriality would be upheld. This perspective is totally disregarded by the Act, where it had appeared to investigate digital wrongdoing which is on the substance of it a universal issue with no regional limits.


Cyber security is one of the main and immediate issue that the world is facing today .As the Computer networks is expanding , the danger to their security is also increasing because these were always been an target of criminals. Government has also taken various steps (i.e. remove unsafe wifi zones, strict security passwords, more privacy to some information) to resolve this problem but till now they are not able to wholly eradicate this instead they had given precautions to the organizations to minimize their losses from harms.Secondly, with the right level of prevention or preparation they will able to caught the thief, control damages and also recover damages from cyber damages.

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