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Stereotypes In The Series "Fresh Off The Boat"

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A stereotype is a general image or set of characteristics that lots of people believe represent a particular type of person, if someone is stereotyped as something or someone, people form a general idea or image of them, so that it is assumed that they will behave in a particular way.

The series “fresh off the boat” is about an Asian American family that have moved from Washington D.C to Orlando and trying to fit in. Orlando is very different to Washington; Washington was a very Asian cultural place compared to Orlando. Orlando is a much more American based country. They moved to open a restaurant called Cattleman’s Ranch, they struggled with money because louis lied about the restaurant doing well with business but eventually halfway through the series they found ways to improve business.

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The Mother (Jessica), The wife is a typical Asian mother that is very strict with her kids, all she really cares about is her kid’s education and how they act and where they will end up in the future and how much money they earn. She wants her kids to be successful and have good grades. Jessica is a strong over protecting Asian mother who is very hard on her kids especially Eddie the eldest son. She is a very frugal, business-minded woman who doesn’t believe in wasting anything that herself or her family owns.

The Dad (Louis), Mr Huang is a Dad with an American dream that owns a very American looking restaurant. Louis loved everything about Orlando. He saw the restaurant as himself living up to the “American Dream” Unlike Jessica, He believes in the good of people. Louis has also taken a very unsuccessful restaurant into a very nice successful family restaurant.

The Son (Eddie) Eddie is an Asian American boy that is raised in Washington and had to move to a new country and school in Orlando, He didn’t like his new school, for him it was very hard for him to fit in with the students. The students were very rude and stuck up and picking on him for the first few days. For example, His first day of school he went to sit at the lunch tables and he took his food out of his bag and one of the white kids saw the food and he said it looked disgusting and kicked him off the table, they were making fun of his food because they obviously haven’t seen Asian food. So Eddie had to hide and eat his food behind something where they couldn’t see him because he wasn’t upset. The next day Eddie demanded to his mother that he want his mother to buy him white people food to eat for lunch tomorrow so he could sit with the “Cool Kids” and wouldn’t be embarrassed.

I believe that some stereotypes can be ridiculous and some can be quite true. There are many stereotypes in this series that are false and some that are true.


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