Steve Jobs: Innovations that Changed a Lot

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This person has a creative and innovative life, he uses this advantage to change his life completely. Who is this person? This person is Steve Jobs. An interesting thing to know about him is that he was adopted. When he was still in school life he becomes a prankster. This is because of the boredom of the study. He was always daydreaming in class, and this makes him into a person that has a creative and innovative mind. In my view, this is very crucial to his career life.

“Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in san Francisco, California, silicon valley. As a boy, he and his father always work on electronics in the garage.” This hobby makes him have confidence and high talent. Job is a very intelligent and innovative thinker, his childhood is full of frustration from schools. “After high school, he studied at Reed College in Portland. Due to lacking guidance, he dropped out of college after six months. Then he spent the next 18 months dropping in on creative classes at the school. He developed his love of typography during this time. In 1974, he took a position as a video game designer in Atari. Then he went to experimenting with drugs.” In 1976 he and Steve Wozniak started the apple company, which make him successful in life. Interestingly they started this company in a garage. In his early years, there is a lot of frustration in his school life. This makes him into a prankster at every school he went to. He does this because of the boredom of study and his teacher needs to give him money to make him study. Therefore, Steve Jobs has a very creative and innovative mind. His early years inspire me because I found out that not all prankster is going to be unsuccessful in life.

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“Soon after he started the apple company with Wozniak, Jobs looked for marketing expert John Sculley of Pepsi-Cola to take over the role of CEO for Apple. By the time the two marketing experts become the CEO of Apple, the company suffers from a significant lacking of design. Meanwhile, another computer design company, IBM is going to Beat Apple in sales. In this case, The apple company has to start competing with other companies to be the leader of computer design.” Therefore, Apple released Macintosh in 1984. “They make this type of computer new ways of lifestyle. The Macintosh represents romance, youth, and creativity. Even though the sales of apple company was very positive and got to the top of computer design, the two company are still in competition states.” Therefore, the two new CEOs of apple think that Jobs is hurting apple, so they make Jobs keep a distance away from the center of Apple. As a result, Jobs have to leave the company that he created. After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs begin a new hardware and software company called NeXT. This company is to sell its professional operating system to common Americans. However, Apple eventually bought this company in 1996 for 429 million dollars. 

In 1997, Steve Jobs returns to his post as apple’s CEO. With a new management team, he changes the stock option and put Apple back on track. Jobs ingenious product iMac effective has a stylish design. This caught the attention of the consumers again. “Then the profit of apple increased significantly. In these years Apple releases a lot of revolutionary products, such as the MacBook Air, iPod, iPhone. Every time Apple releases a new product its competitor will produce something comparable to apple.” These products are revolutionary and it makes our life a lot more convenient and Apple’s electronic is one of the most popular around the world. But, another company’s product is always worse than Apple's. In 2007, apple reaches a staggering 1.6 billion profit annually, and Apple has been ranked No. 1 among Fortune 500 companies. 20 years before this, Steve Jobs buy an animation company from George Lucas, which later becomes Pixar. Believing that Pixar will be a success, he invests 50 million of his own into this company. “This studio then starts to produce a lot of popular movies, such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, the incredible ETC. Pixar has successfully earned 4 billion dollars. The studio merges with Disney in 2006. However, if Jobs had not sold his apple shares in 1985, his net worth will be a staggering 36 billion.” 

In his final years, He and his wife Laurene Powell lives in Palo Alto, California, with their three children: Reed, Erin, and Eve and Jobs were fighting for cancer. During this time, he also gives a lot of speeches. In one of his speeches, he said: “Stay Hungry, Stay foolish”. When he said this he means that you should never satisfy what you have now and always push yourself. You should also try things say cannot be done. Then, in 2011 he resigns because of health problems and stays in the hospital for 10 months. On October 5, 2011, he died. Before he died, he stares at his family member and said: “OH, WOW” and that is his last words.

Steve Jobs inspire me a lot because he changes the whole world’s ways of life. In every single country, people use Apple products. He influences me a lot because the iPhone and MacBook become part of my life and it is very important to me. His product makes me understand that “science and computer science is a piece of art, it's something everyone should know how to use, at least, and harness in their life.”This quote is important because Apple is doing this since it was created, and this is what Steve Jobs wants apple’s product to become. I think Steve Jobs is inspiring to all teens because “With iPod, iPhone, MacBook your life will never be the same again.”

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