Steve Paul Jobs - the Genius of Our Time


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Ella and Peter were only twenty-three when they received the big news that they were going to have a baby. Ella and Peter were both very young at the time and they didn’t have enough money to raise a child on their own. This made them very worried and they kept thinking what they should do with the baby. This is when Ella’s mother chose to discuss the matter with her doctor, Sabrina. Sabrina gave them a brilliant idea. She said: “Why not give the baby away to another young couple? Sometimes when parents are not able to take care of their child they put the baby up for adoption and this way someone else can take good care of the baby.”

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Ella and Peter thought a lot about the doctor’s idea of adoption and they decided it was the right thing to do. They were going to find another young couple who could take good care of their baby. They only had one condition. The couple that was going to adopt their baby had to be college graduates. Ella and Peter believed that college graduates had a good chance of becoming successful in life. Finally, one day the doctor found a couple that wanted to adopt the baby. They had not finished college but Ella and Peter found them so kind and loving. They knew they would be the perfect parents for their son. The couple named the baby Simon.

Simon was very smart as a child and his new parents made sure that Simon learned everything he needed to learn. They taught him how to read and write. This had one downside though. When Simon started school he knew everything. He was much smarter and knowledgeable than all the other kids. So when the other kids would be learning new things Simon would sit and feel bored. Because Simon would feel bored he would make all sorts of pranks and the teachers would get tired of it and send him home.

But one day Simon learned a very important lesson. Good teachers can even make the boring things seem interesting. Simon had such a teacher in his fourth grade. It was Mrs. Meredith. She was nothing like all the other teachers. She knew that Simon felt bored all the time and she knew exactly what to do about it. One day she said to Simon: “Simon if you solve all the problems in the math book, I will give you five dollars”. Simon thought it was strange. What kind of teacher pays you to do homework? He thought. But Simon didn’t want to say no to the five dollars. So he agreed to this strange deal. But Mrs. Meredith motivated Simon to solve more math problems. Only this time Simon wouldn’t do it for the money. He would do it for fun.

Although Simon was very smart, he was scared at school. Once he tried to save someone from being bullied and they started bullying and beating him. In fact, it was so bad that Simon wanted to move to a different school and Simon threatened his parents that if they wouldn’t change his school he would quit. It was not easy for Simon’s parents. They couldn’t afford to send him to a new school but they knew that Simon was so smart. They couldn’t afford to let it go to waste. Simon’s dad was very kind and if Simon wanted to see him he would have to go to the garage. That was the only place where you could always find Peter. Peter loved repairing cars, and he wanted his son to enjoy it too. Simon was only five when he started repairing his first car with his father. This trained Simon to work hard.

In fact, Simon became so good at it that when an electronic company noticed him they had to give him a summer job. Simon, of course, said yes. In the company, Simon would also attend free classes on electronics and mechanics. Simon saw his first computer here. He also made a new friend, James. James and Simon both had a fascination with computers. After college, Simon and James were both very confused. They didn’t know what to do. All they knew was that it had to be something fun. This is when Simon and James started to do what they enjoyed the most. Building computers. One day Simon got to know that James had built a computer. Simon thought that it would be a good idea to start an electronics company with James. So they did.

The two friends, James and Simon, spent a lot of time in Peter’s garage and here they built the first computers. Everyone wanted to buy this computer. But one computer showed to not be good for the company. Simon was so upset that he left the company. But leaving the company was not a good idea either. It made the company suffer more loss. It needed new ideas and it needed Simon to join the company again. So, Simon decided to come back and this time he introduced new products. The products that were created are very famous today and we can’t think of being a day without them. Simon’s work helped in the creation of iPhones, IPod and many other great products.

We know Simon as Steve Paul Jobs and he founded the Apple Inc. with his friend Steve Wozniack. They both worked day and night to turn their ideas into useful products that the whole world could benefit from. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs died in 2011 but his products still continue to be used everywhere.

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